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No. 13 Baylor is off to a strong start, and also the Bears have the right to keep the going through beating Iowa State in Ames ~ above Saturday. Baylor is 4-0 and also a heavy road favorite versus a Cyclones team the hasn"t yet found traction under first-year head coach Matt Campbell. It"ll be tough to find it here.

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The Cyclones will probably get better. Campbell, whom they hired far from Toledo after critical season, is a well-regarded routine builder. Yet the talent here isn"t much different than it was during follower Paul Rhoads" tenure, i m sorry is to say the isn"t an extremely high. ISU has actually a ways to go.

Conversely, Baylor"s roster still services from the talent arts Briles constructed up before the institution fired him in disgrace during the offseason. The an outcome is the Baylor"s long term is more than likely worse than its present, when the turning back is true because that Iowa State. That might be of part solace come the Cyclones later on on, but it"d it is in a surprise if they stayed close this weekend.

How to watch, stream and also listen

TV: Noon ET, FS1. The broadcasters are Tim Brando, Spencer Tillman and Bruce Feldman.

Radio: Baylor and Iowa State

Online streaming: Fox sporting activities GO

Spread: Baylor opened up as a 17-point favorite.

Make friends: acquire to SB Nation"s team blog chats for this game at Our day-to-day Bears (for Baylor fans) and Wide best & Natty Lite (for Iowa State fans).

Three big things to know

1. Baylor"s offense has actually dropped off, however it"s tho a good one. The worst offensive output of the year so far was 35 clues in a win versus Oklahoma State critical weekend, and the Bears space averaging 42 points, i m sorry is down yet only a little bit from critical year"s 48. They"ve averaged 6.5 yards per play, another an excellent figure but down indigenous 7.3 last year. Quarterback Seth Russell"s done well in his return from neck surgical treatment last year, throw 13 touchdowns against four interceptions and averaging 8.6 yards per throw.

2. What"s yes, really picked increase is the Baylor defense. So far, teams room scoring just 13.5 point out per game on Baylor, basically a halving of the 28.3 they offered up a year ago. Those numbers (like Baylor"s numbers on offense) aren"t perfect comparisons, because the Bears have only play one huge 12 game and also played a tissue-soft non-conference schedule. But the Baylor defense has actually nonetheless looked stout, and also the scoring defense is currently second in the organization behind Kansas State"s.

3. Iowa State hasn"t been competitive in the games versus serious opponents. In that losses come Iowa and also TCU, the Cyclones dropped by a an unified margin of 83-23. (They"ve also got a five-point loss versus FCS northern Iowa and a blowout win against San Jose State, which came last week. The allude is the ISU doesn"t look like a team that"s all set to make any kind of noise against good opposition, i m sorry Baylor certainly is. If the changes, it"ll it is in an upset on whether ISU can win or not.

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