This is a an extremely important note about the present codex challenge, so check out carefully:

There are 36 field guns in this section. They are very glitchy. You require to damage them personally with the tank. This way that any field firearms that punch up from pho or trusted tanks will certainly then void the codex. Plenty of players have additionally reported absent field guns, or weapons that have glitched the end of the terrain. There are a few ways that we\"re going to combat these issues.

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Take out field guns first, prior to anything else have the right to take lock outDo not ruin artillery or something else until after they\"re downThere is one ammo cache in ~ the finish of the level, in ~ a bridge. Perform not ruin itAs v above, store explosives (like foe tanks) far from the field gunsStay in the tank when damaging them, just in case

It is so very important not to destroy the artillery early, together it virtually always bring away away among your ar guns native you. Big thanks come Pitchblackk92, as I was only able to learn this v their comment on a BF1 solution. It operated for me very first try.

This is every the advice that I have the right to give. I had actually to restart the level in ~ least 5 times prior to it would certainly work, as did plenty of other people. For this reason if you\"re not prepared to get frustrated, feel cost-free to skip to a different chapter. Lastly, don\"t forget to revolve up the challenge to Hard.

Once you generate in, all you should do is drive a short distance forward, protecting against at the tiny wooden bridge ahead the the path. The game will carry out this because that you. Part dialogue will start, and then you\"re free to relocate again. You desire to head to the red objective while taking out field guns and other weaponry follow me the way. A couple of tips will be using the tank:

Avoid mud and other turbulent terrains, together it slows friend downTake out artillery and also cannons over all, they\"ll take it you the end swiftlySwitch to your device gun for infantry, but don\"t overheat itRemember come repair through
as soon as not under fireDon\"t forget that you deserve to zoom in through

Keeping come the right-hand next is reasonably safe, and also there\"s a ar gun up near the objective, previous the barbed fencing close to a building. So take this path. Once you\"ve taken out the field gun (1/36), head top top the objective and hold her position. Switch to your an equipment gun to clean the area of infantry. Once you\"re perfect here, instead of pushing forward v the troops, now head to the left next of the objective. There\"s a building beside the destroyed tower, which likewise has a ar gun inside. (2/36). Make sure you destroy both the these prior to continuing come the next objective. Every time you find and also destroy one, there will be dialogue to confirm it.

A great way to check whether or no you\"re actually shooting at a field gun is to move to your an equipment gun and fire a few rounds right into it. This will certainly highlight the gun together if it\"s \"spotted\", making it less complicated to save track.

Objective: capture Kitchener\"s Ridge

With those two field guns the end of the way, friend can proceed forward through the troops. This time, stick to the facility path. Over there are now three field guns to take it out. One is simply barely come the right of the next objective, in the trenches. If the various other two room a short distance away to the left and also right. There space no buildings surrounding them this time; they\"re just sitting above the trench-lines. (5/36). As soon as you\"ve taken under all three, head come the objective as soon as again and also clear the infantry till it\"s captured. Be cautious of the ar guns the are more ahead.

Objective: record Beren\"s Crossing

Once again, stick come the facility path, yet don\"t go all the means down the path simply yet. Straight ahead when directly facing the objective, there will be an additional field gun ideal on the road (6/36). When you\"ve taken the out, take either the left or the right path now. Over there are field guns ~ above both sides, so you\"ll backtrack nevertheless of the next you choose. ~ above the left-hand path, there room two tiny buildings. Every of the two buildings has a field gun alongside it (8/36). On the right-hand side, just follow the route straight forward and there will certainly be a field gun under a little roof (9/36). Finally, push onto the following objective. There\"s a final field gun best where the flag is (10/36).

Continue clearing the objective of adversaries as you record the point. Shot to stick behind cover, as there room a couple of field guns that are rather a ways additional that have the right to still fire under at you. We\"ll clear them up as soon as we relocate forward. A landship will appear as you space holding the objective. Fire in ~ it native behind cover and aim for the backhand side, together it\"s the weakest. ~ a couple of well-placed shots, it should be down, and you can continue clearing infantry before moving on. Together you catch the objective, you will certainly be hit with an artillery barrage. Only this time, friend won\"t have the ability to repair the from inside. A cutscene will certainly ensue, and also you will should repair the tank by hand.

To perform this, technique the tank and hold

. Her repair device should currently be on your hand. As soon as you do that, you\"re totally free to go ago inside the tank v .

Objective: damage Enemy Artillery

Once you\"re inside again, there will certainly be a ar gun just past the previous flag, in prior of a structure with sandbags in prior of the (11/36). Take it it out, and also then head straight past the building and look to the right. There will be one more field gun ideal behind the structure with the first one (12/36). Turn directly left native this ar gun and also you\"ll ultimately come throughout yet another gun (13/36). Currently we\"re clean to head towards the following objective.

If you head straight up the hill, there will be four field guns in a line. Take the end all four prior to heading additional up the hill. They\"re simple to spot because they\"re blocking your path; two room right next to the eco-friendly tent in ~ the center, one is come the left-hand side, over the tent, and also the critical is on the right-hand side, just before you reach every the metal beams sticking upwards, also above the time (17/36). Don\"t forget to repair your vehicle before it\"s too late. As soon as you\"ve taken the end all four ar guns, park next to the eco-friendly tent and press to departure the tank.

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Over The peak - field Manual #1

Once you\"re the end of the tank, approach the environment-friendly tent and look straight to her right. There\"s a little box best up versus the heap of rubble. Open up it to pick up your first field manual. It increase will also unlock your an initial achievement in the campaign.