For a 2nd consecutive year, Sierra Canyon (Chatsworth, California) will contend for the title in the Bass pro Tournament that Champions.

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This time, the Trailblazers have a weapon they hope will defend them native heartbreak in ~ the last second.

Sierra Canyon, the No. 10-ranked team in the USA now Super 25 expert poll, knocked turn off No. 3 Findlay prepare (Henderson, Nevada) 76-47 Friday night in the semifinals the the Bass agree Tournament of champion at JQH Arena on the campus the Missouri State college in Springfield. Sierra Canyon dropped to Oak Hill Academy 49-48 top top a last second 3-pointer from Ty-Shon Alexander in the championship video game of critical year’s tournament.

However, the Trailblazers played the 2016 tournament of Champions without Marvin Bagley III, the consensus No. 1-rated university basketball possibility in the country in the class of 2018. Bagley transferred from Hillcrest Academy in Phoenix, Arizona to Sierra Canyon before the 2016 tournament, yet was declared ineligible to play because that the 2015-2016.

He comprised for lost time through 28 points and 14 rebounds Friday night against Findlay Prep.

Arizona State signee Remy Martin score 16 points in the win against Findlay Prep. Four members of the Trailblazers’ starting five played far-ranging roles in last year’s competition of champion runner-up squad.

“I’ve been playing through these men for a lengthy time now, since seventh grade, and adding Marvin to be just adding a item of the puzzle. He’s so basic to beat with,” young name said. “Everybody is so easy to pat with and everybody knows their role, in a sense, and that’s tough to discover in a high institution team.”


The storage of the loss come Oak Hill quiet hang v Martin, and also they offer as fuel.

“We’re here to win. We’re right here to present that we shouldn’t have actually lost the last game (to Oak Hill),” martin said. “We feel prefer we’re the finest team in the country and also nobody should have the ability to stay with us.”

Justin Roberts led Findlay prep (19-2) v 15 clues in the loss. His teammate Lamine Diane added 14 points.

Sierra Canyon will satisfy the winner of Memphis east (Memphis, Tennessee) in the competition of Champions last at 9 p.m. Saturday.

Memphis East progressed from the semifinal top top a last 2nd 3-pointer by small guard Alex Lomax, that finished through 19 points. Lomax"s bomb at the buzzer allowed the Mustangs to victory 59-56 to set up the championship tilt with Sierra Canyon.

The championship game will be televised ~ above CBS sporting activities Network.

Sierra Canyon (Chatsworth, California) 76, Findlay prepare (Henderson, Nevada) 47

At JQH Arena

Individual scoring

Findlay Prep—Justin Roberts 15, Lamine Diane 14, Jack Schwietz 6, P.J. Washington 4, Reggie Chaney 4, kris Giles 2, Tadas Kararinas 2

Sierra Canyon—Marvin Bagley III 28, Remy boy name 16, Cody Riley 8, Terrance McBride 7, Joe Wallace 6, Michael Feinberg 4, Marcus Bagley 3, Adam Seiko 2, Hunter Bleeden 2

Memphis east (Memphis, Tennessee) 59, Montverde Academy (Montverde, Florida) 56

At JQH Arena

Individual scoring

Memphis East— Alex Lomax 19, Chandler Lawson 13, Malcolm Dandridge 10, Antavion Collum 8, Jayden Hardaway 6, T.J. Moss 3

Montverde—Rowan Barrett 23, Rechon black 12, Marcus Carr 9, Andrew Nembhard 6, Sean Mobley 4, Sandro Mamukelashvili 2.

Local teams to fulfill for seventh place

Kickapoo and Republic both took losses in the consolation semifinals to collection up a meeting in between the two regional teams Saturday in ~ 2:30 p.m.

Republic managed to pat its brand the ball regulate offense and stingy defense versus 2016 Louisiana class 2 state champion Madison prepare (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), but came up short with a 43-39 loss.

Tigers senior Ty Stevens associated on his first four 3-pointer attempts and also put increase 14 of his 16 clues in the very first half. Caleb Singley to be a vital factor in the 2nd half, scoring 15 clues in the game.


Madison Prep’s beginning line of forwards stand 6-foot-5, 6-foot-5 and also 6-foot-6, which many tigers coach Trevyor Fisher said resulted in trouble for Republic when it involved driving the basket.

“You desire to it is in aggressive and attack and also get come the basket, and also it simply stinks once you walk in there and also there’s a 6-foot-7 big, long athlete waiting for you,” Fisher said.

Madison prep (16-2) coach Jeff Jones stated a an essential part that his game setup for Republic (11-3) affiliated working the round inside ~ above offense versus a chop zone.

“We had actually a size advantage, so we tried to exploit that as lot as we could,” Jones said. “It wore lock down, and we kind of knew it would.”

Junior Kobe Julien, a 6-foot-5 forward, led the Chargers in scoring with 11 points, consisting of a key pair of totally free throws in the final minute that sealed the success for Madison Prep. The Chargers walk 34-4 in the 2015-2016 season, therefore an opened round loss come Findlay Prep came as a shock.

“When us lost, us were prefer catastrophic DEFCON Level 9,” Jones said.

While Republic put up a fight, Jones was happy because that his football player to pull off a victory and breakthrough to the tournament’s fifth-place game.

“Nothing help erase a lose or ease the ache of a loss than to victory the next day, so the was large for us to come the end after shedding a video game like we shed (Thursday) and beat a team that’s a two-time state champion, a high quality opponent.”

Madison prep (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) 43, Republic (Missouri) 39

At JQH Arena, Springfield

Individual scoring

Republic—Ty Stevens 16, Caleb Singley 15, Treydon Rackley 4, Broc blacksmith 3, Cameron Doke 1

Madison Prep—Kobe Julien 11, Jharon Whitfield 10, josh LeBlanc 6, Marcus Guss 6, Jamel Robinson 6, mock Anderson 4.

Chiefs denied on big night for Blakeslee

“We’ve been complicated our guys,” Kickapoo coach penis Rippee said. “We’ve acquired to have actually somebody else stepping in there, so we’re kind of looking for that guy and also Blakeslee is certainly capable.”

Cameron Davis, signed to play basketball at the U.S. Navy Academy following year, scored 22 points because that Kickapoo. Davis stated Blakeslee was important in Kickapoo’s capacity to hang through Greenforest.

“Oh my. The is ours X-factor, really. Whenever the plays well, that renders our team go,” Davis stated of Blakeslee. “People can say everything they want around me, Jared (Ridder) or the remainder of our team. We have really talented guys, however whenever (Blakeslee) is play well—I mean, the made diving plays on the floor and also everything. He just affects the video game in so countless ways.”

Florida State walk Ikey Obiagu, a 7-foot aboriginal of Nigeria, had six points, 11 rebounds, and also seven blocked shots for Greenforest. Once he no blocking shots, Obiagu was at the very least forcing Kickapoo football player to transform their angles to the basket.

“He’s a great player. Over there is a factor he is going to the ACC come play in ~ Florida State,” Davis said. “I felt like we got great perimeter looks and we to be knocking them under too, the was just at the very end we had actually some vital turnovers and things prefer that. It wasn’t really lot (Greenforest), that was more of us and also that’s conveniently fixable.”

Greenforest and Madison prepare square turn off at 4 p.m. Saturday for fifth place and the opportunity to leaving Springfield top top an upbeat note.

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Greenforest (Decatur, Georgia) 56, Kickapoo 52

At JQH Arena, Springfield

Individual scoring

Greenforest—Justin Forrest 19, David Quimby 11, Jandan Duggan 6, Ikey Obiagu 6, Abayomi Lyiola 6, Victor Enoh 4, Michael Evans 2, Mohammad Abdulsalam 2

Kickapoo—Cameron Davis 22, Isaac Blakeslee 15, Jared Ridder 11, Corey Dye 2, Mitch Closser 2.