Yesterday financial institution of America celebrated it’s 18th year of running the museums on united state program, I thought it would be a an excellent chance to have a look in ~ this program and what the offers. Usually the museum On Us program gives access to financial institution of America & Merril Lynch credit transaction card holders and deposit account owners accessibility to “150 prominent cultural institutions across 98 cities in 32 states on the an initial full weekend the every month”.

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How that Works

The an initial full weekend that every month you room able to access participating institutions. To gain accessibility you require to show two things: photo I.D and also your bank of America/Merrill Lynch debit or credit card. The 2015 calendar can be checked out below:


You only get general admission to these institutions (e.g if your is a special occasion on then you won’t get totally free admission to that). You additionally only get accessibility for complimentary for one person per card (e.g you can’t usage one card for a pair or a family).

In some situations you might be able to get lot of tickets making use of the same name/I.D but multiple bank of America cards however this is really approximately the museum.

Participating Institutions

In full there are a 150 organizations that take part in this program in 32 various states. A complete list increase to day list deserve to be discovered here. Friend can also use your “Find A place Near girlfriend Tool“.

It’s a pretty varied mix that what they offer, to give you part idea there space three institutions readily available in Los Angeles and also they are ranked 11th, 23rd and also 38th most renowned things to carry out in Los Angeles top top TripAdvisor.

Final Thoughts

I always like to see credit cards offering a advantage that is a bit different than what everybody else is offering and also this certainly fits this description. A lot of the museums seem come be free for everybody, not just those v a financial institution of America card.

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I also wish the one map was good for 2 people, that method a pair could do if only among them had a financial institution of America card and also a family of four might go if both parents had actually cards. This is a nice added benefit, however really shouldn’t impact whether you apply for a card or not.