Downloading and installing Band-in-a-Box for home windows packages.

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This tutorial contains some instructions and also tips for downloading and install Band-in-a-Box packages through a many RealTracks. This is especially advantageous for people who to buy a "download-only" (e-delivery) version of the UltraPAK because that the very first time, because there are over 100 GB of documents to download and install.

Even though the UltraPAK is large, downloading and install should be straight forward if you take it a few moments beforehand to prepare and understand the process, and assuming you have a trusted broadband internet connection. If girlfriend selected the download-only option during checkout and are having actually trouble obtaining your files, friend could call us to have a physics copy shipped.

last updated: Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Where to download your order

After you location your order, click on the link(s) in your order confirmation email to go straight to her Downloads page for every product. Note: for orders placed prior come March 2021 girlfriend can accessibility the downloads on your "My Products" page by logging onto her account in ~

For a Band-in-a-Box order, there are multiple documents to download. For big packages like the UltraPAK there room a the majority of files, totalling end 100 GB.

Download and also install the Band-in-a-Box program

There are a couple of different options for downloading and install all the contents installer files (detailed below), but you should recognize that the many important document you must download is the an initial one top top the perform - "Band-in-a-Box and RealBand 20xx".


This document is relatively small and contains whatever you must install and also run the main Band-in-a-Box program. You have the right to start utilizing Band-in-a-Box best away, even without having downloaded all of the additional "RealTracks" contents etc. View Running Band-in-a-Box for the an initial time.

Preparing to Download the remainder of the files

Prior come downloading, decision on a drive and location to keep the downloaded files and make certain you have enough hard disk space there. The finish download dimension is listed at the height of the Size column on her download page. To save organized, you should produce a folder that"s different from your various other downloads, e.g. C:\BBDownloads. Also, keep in mind that you will need second 1.3 time the download size for installation, which can be on the very same or a different hard disk. Because that example, if the download to be 100 GB, you"ll need one more 130 GB additional room for installation.


The default install place for Band-in-a-Box is C:\bb, however it can likewise be installed and run native an external USB tough drive. The drive the you download Band-in-a-Box on should be NTFS formatted, i m sorry is common for modern-day computers (FAT32 is occasionally used because that flash drives and also will not job-related for one UltraPAK install as result of inherent file limits).

Downloading the Band-in-a-Box content

You have the right to download separation, personal, instance files straight from your browser window, yet if girlfriend are downloading and install a huge package (e.g. UltraPAK) this will certainly be tedious. You have the right to use a download manager instead... There room two options: (A) encourage - usage a 3rd party download manager such as "HTTP Downloader" - this is fast and reliable. (B) Alternatively, usage the Band-in-a-Box Download Manager - this might be much more convenient for you as lengthy as you have activated Band-in-a-Box online, however may it is in slower and also require some extra setup.

utilizing a third party download manager (HTTP Downloader) to download the files (Option A) Currently, "HTTP Downloader" is just one of the best options. This is a small, portable download manager that is straightforward to use. Use the stand-alone 64-bit variation (not the browser extension). Run HTTP Downloader. First, walk to Tools - options - Advanced to set your download directory. Also, notice that prevent system standby have to be checked.

HTTP Downloader - settings dialog
click the "Copy links to clipboard" switch on your "My Products" page.

Click the Copy links to Clipboard button
Click the <+> button or File | add URLs in HTTP Downloader, and press . Keep in mind - if you"ve currently downloaded the Band-in-a-Box regime as suggested above, girlfriend don"t have to download this paper again so you deserve to skip it.

The length of time the download takes depends greatly on how quick your internet link is, so different widely. If you room curious, there are many websites that will test your download speed - e.g. Google find "internet rate test". Together a ballpark, 2-3 hrs with a reasonably fast link (100 mbps). Remember the you deserve to still usage the Band-in-a-Box routine while the contents is downloading, or girlfriend can set it come download overnight.

Installing the downloaded files

When the download is complete, operation the installer files. Every one of the documents are .exe installers (e.g. Realtracks346-352.exe) that room no an ext than about 2 GB every file. For an UltraPAK you"ll an alert there is a file Master RealTracks contents Installer (master_realtracks_installer_20xx.exe), that can be used to install every the RealTracks connected content. The does not matter in what stimulate you install the content.

operation the record master_realtracks_installer_20xx.exe from her download folder and also it will certainly install all of the real*.exe files. An download log conserved in the same folder will store track that which files were handle or if over there were any kind of problems. This will generally take a couple of hours for a complete UltraPAK. Depending on your order, you many likely have a couple of other non-RealTracks contents installers, and you have to run this manually (e.g. Bonus material, songs and also lessons, xtra styles).

Alternative: making use of the Band-in-a-Box Download Manager (Option B)

A Download Manager is had with Band-in-a-Box (2016 and higher). This is an alternative method for downloading and also installing every one of the RealTracks (real*.exe) files. Before you have the right to use the Band-in-a-Box download manager, you must install the Band-in-a-Box program and activate the online once prompted.

before running the download manager, friend should readjust your PC"s power settings temporarily come make certain that computer system does not go come sleep or closeup of the door down materials if the download manager is operating in the background. These settings are frequently found in the windows Settings/Control dashboard | device | power Options. If you have a laptop, you need to plug it right into AC power. Run the Download Manager native the Band-in-a-Box Help food selection | Utilities | run Download Manager. Verify the download folder, and also the Band-in-a-Box install folder, and also then click the big "Download/Install Selected Files" switch at the top. The download manager through default will instantly install the records when they"ve been downloaded.
depending on your order, you can have a few other non-RealTracks content installers, and you need to run this manually (e.g. Bonus material, songs and lessons, xtra styles). The download manager will certainly not download and also install these papers automatically, it just downloads the realtracks*.exe and also realdrums*.exe files. The other records are detailed near the optimal of her download list on the My commodities page.

We have an ext download manager aid and troubleshooting tips.

Running Band-in-a-Box for the an initial time.

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Here are a couple of useful pointers to acquire you started.

once you start the program for the very first time, friend are triggered to activate. Usage the serial number displayed in the height section of the My products page, and paste it into the activation dialog. That is ideal to carry out online activation if possible. Presume this is your an initial time to run the program, you will be motivated to rebuild the StylePicker. Open the StylePicker (hotkey s + ) and also click the Rebuild switch ("fast" rebuild is OK; "slow" rebuild will also search for 3rd party and user styles). This enables the routine to recognize which PG Music styles and also other contents you have installed. If you space running the program before installing the RealTracks content, you will certainly likely notice that over there are numerous MIDI formats available, however no RealStyles. RealStyles use RealTracks tools so castle sound much an ext realistic 보다 MIDI styles, and also you have the right to tell castle apart due to the fact that the layout name starts through an underscore. You will have more RealStyles once you"ve installed the added RealTracks contents from your purchase. Double-click on any kind of style in the StylePicker to hear a pre-made demo because that it. Over there are choices under the "Other" button in the StylePicker come "Show only styles that are Found/Not found (N/A)". Due to the fact that the regime knows around all easily accessible styles, you can use these options to identify if you are lacking any styles, and also see what sets they are from. Examine the RealTracks Preferences and RealDrums preferences dialogs come make certain that the folder places are as you expect. If you have opted to save your RealTracks records on an external hard journey while the Band-in-a-Box routine is installed on the C: drive for example, the RealTracks "Custom Location" setup will should be set. Band-in-a-Box additionally tries to recognize the ideal folders automatically, so the is a great idea to double-check the setup either way. The RealTracks Picker is another window you will more than likely use frequently. One means to open up is to right-cick on a track and Select RealTracks. If friend have any type of RealTracks installed, you will be able to choose them native this window. Note that you can view accessible RealTracks also if friend don"t have them, by click the "Show N/A" button, and you can even double-click them to hear what lock sound like. Just like the StylePicker, reflecting "N/A" RealTracks is a great way to determine if you are missing anything. The information about the RealTracks Picker above also largely uses to the RealDrums Picker, other than to open the RealDrums Picker, right-click on the Drums monitor specifically. There room two various GUI (user interfaces) because that you to choose from relying on your preference - one has a big toolbar with many buttons and Mixer window on the top half of the screen, then other has actually a minimal toolbar v a larger chord sheet. Come toggle between them, you can press Ctrl+T or find the buttons in ~ the top-left next of the toolbar.