The team opens up its home slate at Ed Smith stadium on Feb. 26 versus Pittsburgh. This is the eighth-consecutive year the Orioles will call Sarasota your Spring cultivate home. Ed Smith stadion was called the 2015 ar of the Year in professional baseball by the sporting activities Turf managers Association.

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Other games of note during the 17-game residence schedule incorporate two gamings each against AL eastern foes Boston, Toronto and Tampa Bay, and also one game against the brand-new York Yankees. The Orioles will additionally play the Dominican Republic's nationwide team at residence on in march 7 in a people Baseball classic exhibition game.

Single-game ticket for all 17 games will walk on sale beginning at 10 a.m. Top top Jan. 21. Because that Season TicketPlans or an ext information top top the team's spring Training schedule, speak to the Orioles spring Training office in ~ 941-893-6300, or visit 

Fans interested in suite rentals should contact 941-893-6317.


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