LiAngelo has actually tattoos, his dad didn't know.

Gelo has gained tattoos top top his stomach which angers LaVar and also LaVar becomes assistant coach of Vytautas.


one more game in the LKL(Lietuvos Krepsinio Lyga) that Gelo and Melo aren" starting for BC Vytautas i beg your pardon angers LaVar. Once his sons signed come play for this team, that expected that his sons would certainly be starting and playing a bulk of the games, i m sorry hasn" been the case.

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During the game, LaVar have the right to be seen yelling native the stand " Melo go carry out his point we under by 25!" and also " don" wanna win!" introduce to the head coach. LaVar has proclaimed multiple times the his guys play ideal when castle play together and also they would victory if his guys were beginning and playing the bulk of the game.

The game displayed in this episode observed BC Vytautas shed 116-93 through Melo not playing at all and also Gelo only playing a couple of minutes.

Melo and Gelo are adapting to playing basketball in a new environment and are likewise playing under a coach that" not their father as he coached your basketball teams back in their hometown of Chino Hills, California. LaVar" style of coaching is a hefty offensive game plan with him teaching his team to take it a the majority of shots., the head coach of BC Vytautas, the game plan is a combination the offense and defense i beg your pardon LaVar phone call " boring and slow"

With the team not winning games and also his sons not playing, LaVar has voiced his frurbanbreathnyc.comtrations come the coach and has tried talk him into playing his format of urbanbreathnyc.coming a more offensive game setup but this has actually failed as coach won" play LaVar" style.

LaVar truly believes that his format of play through his boys play would result in the team winning gamings so the team determined to do him Assistant Coach the a BBB difficulty game i beg your pardon is supposed for his sons to develop against teams that space not in the LKL yet don" count towards the standings. With LaVar" layout of play and his sons" playing, the team ended up winning 147-140.

With coach seeing, up front, LaVar" layout of play which caused his team winning the game, he made decision to combine his style the play v LaVar" He decided that he would certainly run the game by getting his team come shoot a lot but at the exact same time play much more defense to LaVars" delight.

Gelo upsets LaVar

LaVar, Gelo, and Melo headed for a conference of cryo-therapy i beg your pardon is when they placed you right into a freeze cold crate that" at -100 degrees.

Cryo-therapy requires you to go shirtless which worries Gelo together he has tattoos ~ above his stomach and has no told his dad. In the episode, he states that his dad didn" want him to get any type of tattoos and also that he was worried the his dad would certainly be disappointed in him.

When Gelo comes out shirtless, you might see him shaking and also becaurbanbreathnyc.come that his Dad. His dad was shocked and surprised to check out Gelo" stomach full of tattoos. LaVar defines his reaction to Gelo acquiring tattoos as " fool go crazy and drew all over his body"

He" upset that Gelo is make bad decisions with his life together he speak his earliest son Lonzo over the phone "" why he obtained in trouble caurbanbreathnyc.come he" complying with people" introduce to Gelo" arrest in China.

" ain" his own man" he added. He insurance claims that Gelo gaining tattoos " the dumbest thing in the people to do"

LaVar then talked come Gelo directly telling him just how he feels about the tattoos and the decisions the he" making around his life. He tells Gelo how he thinks that he doesn" care about his family and also that he has actually " strikes" becaurbanbreathnyc.come he got earrings, he stole and also then he acquired tattoos.

At first, he to be mad about Gelo obtaining tattoos but after that in the illustration he states he is no much longer mad in ~ him. Gelo shows the tattoos that he gained which incorporate the number 21 in honor of his friend Nnamdi who is dead, big Baller Brand logo design of "," words "," his parent" initials, and other tattoos.

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Next episode

After every " in the Family" episodes, they display a preview that what" walking to it is in in the following episode. In illustration 18 which will certainly be following Sunday on Facebook Watch, the Ball household is attending the Lithuanian Grammy" therefore they walk shopping for apparel that they will be wearing at the Grammy" Tina is watched on the treadmill preparing to walk down the red carpet which will be a little bit of a an obstacle for her as she recovers from a stroke. The preview likewise shows a video game where LaVar describes how Gelo is looking " and also sluggish" together he let go 21 shots and also LaVar defines to the how civilization are going come look right past him. The entirety episode will be aired next Sunday on on facebook watch.