Religious, political, nihilistic, optimistic, realistic in 2:20 the hardcore punk. The song is a series of indictments toward major ideologies highlighting hypocrisy (“Hey brothers Christian with your high and also mighty errand / her actions speak so loud ns can’t hear a indigenous you space saying… Hey guy of scientific research with your perfect rules of measure / deserve to you improve this place with the data that you gather”). And also the cool chorus offers the solution: one “I,” who will bestow utopia upon the earth through equality, “feeding all the children,” and likewise saving the whales. The character would “promote equality and every one of decisions.” The character would also make this show up by conquering and also he’d be offering “all the idiots a brand new religion.” Great, through a benevolent monarchy all will be fine– punk can save us all!

Rather than a genuine desire and a pure understanding of how to endow utopia top top all, the “I” to know the futulity that his dream. Even in his righteousness, he notes exactly how he would have to “conquer” and also force others to follow his decision in stimulate to attain utopia. And also of course “I” has good ideas to solve every one of the worlds problems, but, again, at what cost? So, rushed over and nearly unintelligibly the chorus concludes: “With a quick wink that the eye / and also a “god you should be joking!” (i.e., no so quickly solvable a situation).

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This type of shit is traditional Bad Religion. They have been playing thought-provoking punk for almost four decades. And, in spite of the heaviness of their themes, the music layout is upbeat and even positive pouring in beautiful punk harmonies from tune to song. And over 16 records they’ve struggle on a lot. The last record, True North, came out in 2013 with another likely in the near future. Today’s banger “I desire to conquer the World” is indigenous 1989’s No Control, which (with Suffer) is my favorite album.

Bad religion is best appreciated along with reflection or complied with by conversation. Not just through music but additionally ideas, they are well worthy the a listen and some appreciation. This song rails right into you native the outset through a quick guitar solo and also then the rest.

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I’ve put the lyrics below for lull of access. Enjoy.

Hey brothers christian v your high and mighty errandYour actions speak so loud ns can’t hear a word you’re sayingHey sister bleeding love with all of your compassionYour labors soothing the hurt but can’t assuage temptation

Hey male of scientific research with your perfect rules of measureCan you enhance this location with the data the you gatherHey mom mercy have the right to your loins be afflicted with fruit forever?Is your fecundity a trammel or a treasure?

I want to overcome the worldGive every the idiots a brand new religionPut an finish to poverty, uncleanliness and also toilPromote equality in all of my decisionsWith a fast wink the the eye and also a “god you have to be joking!”

Hey pops diplomat v your worldly aspirationsDid you check out your children cry once you left them in ~ the station?Hey ethical soldier you’ve gained righteous proclamationAnd valuable tomes come fuel her pulpy conflagrations

I want to dominate the worldExpose the culprits and also feed them come the childrenI’ll carry out away v air pollutionAnd then I’ll conserve the whalesWe’ll have actually peace top top earthAnd an international communion