About Baby, Let"s put Down and Dance

"Baby, Let"s lay Down and also Dance" is a song taped by American nation music singer Garth Brooks. It to be released together the an initial single off Brooks" 2016 album, Gunslinger. The single was distributed exclusively via Brooks" virtual music store, GhostTunes, to customers who gone into a code from a specially significant bag that Fritos. It was then exit to radio and GhostTunes" conventional site. The tune was created by Kent Blazy, Steve Dorff, Victoria Shaw, Kim Williams and also Brooks. Williams died prior to the song was finished, and also as Williams was a longtime collaborator through Brooks, that was essential to Brooks to relax this song as the album"s an initial single. Much more »

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I obtain this emotion that ns can"t explainEvery time I watch your face or hear your nameI simply go crazy, thinking, maybe this may be my chanceWhat would certainly you say come me if I said "Baby, let"s place down and also dance"I obtained to tell you, girl, you journey me wildEvery time I check out you dance and also see the smileMy world gets hazy and also I"m moving like I"m in a tranceWhoa, I understand it"s crazy, however baby, let"s lay down and danceWhen it pertains to love my heart is black and it"s blueSwore i was v with romanceBut girl you"re something and I"m count on youYou"re mine brand new second chanceMy friends every tell me the I"m not your kindThey to speak I far better pray her love is blindYou obtained to conserve me, I"m a victim of her circumstanceWhoa, I recognize it"s crazy, but baby, let"s lay down and danceWhen it pertains to love my love is black and it"s blueThought i was with with romanceBut girl you"re something and also I"ve nothing come loseYou"re mine brand new second chanceI gots come tell you, girl, you drive me wildI"ve never recognized no one with rather your styleI"m walking crazy, thinking, baby, this might be mine chanceWhat would certainly you say to me if I said "Baby, let"s lay down and dance"Girl, I know it"s crazy, but baby, let"s put down and also dance

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Garth Brooks Troyal Garth Brooks (born February 7, 1962) is an American nation music artist. His eponymous first album was released in 1989 and also peaked at number 2 in the US country album chart while climbing come number 13 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Brooks" integration the rock aspects into his recordings and live performances has earned him tremendous popularity.

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This progressive approach permitted him to conquer the country solitary and album charts while easily crossing over right into the mainstream pop arena, exposing country music to a bigger audience. An ext »