Mean or mean is the average the a succession of numbers. In MATLAB, mean (A) returns the typical of the materials of A follow me the very first array measurement whose size doesn’t same to 1. Suppose that A is a vector, climate mean(A) return the median of the components. Now, if A is a matrix form, climate mean(A) returns a heat vector include the typical of every column.

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Mean =\displaystyle \bar x=\frac 1n\left(\sum _i=1^nx_i\right)=\frac x_1+x_2+\cdots +x_nn Example:Mean of succession x = <1,2,3,4,5> = amount of numbers/Count of numbers = 15/5 = 3

Different syntax that the mean() method is:M = mean(A)M = mean(A,’all’)M = mean(A,dim)M = mean(A,vecdim)

M = mean(A)

It returns the mean of succession A.If A is a vector, climate it returns the average of all elements in the vectorIf A is a matrix, then it returns a vector whereby each element is the mean of each shaft in A.Example:

Output :

M = mean(A, ‘all’)

It return the mean the all the elements in A either it have the right to be vector or matrix.Example:

M = mean(A,dim)

It return the mean of procession A follow me each that the given dim.If dim = 1, climate it returns a vector where the typical of each column is included.If dim = 2, then it return a vector wherein the median of each row is included.

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Output :

M = mean(A,vecdim)

It return the mean of A based on the mentioned dimensions vecdim in A.If A is a 2-by-2-by-3 array, then mean(A,<1 2>) calculates the median of each page of dimension 2-by-2 as it’s thought about as a solitary entity. So it return the vector of size 3 together the average of each page.Example:

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