AUBURN, Ala. – Auburn was much better in the red zone, the end of the red zone and also just around every location the Tigers set foot in Jordan-Hare stadium on Saturday.

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Kerryon Johnson had his career-best rushing job by halftime, quarterbacks Sean White and John Franklin III accounted because that six touchdowns and also Auburn blasted Louisiana-Monroe 58-7 to send a homecoming crowd home happy.

ean White (13).Auburn football vs ULM football on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016 in Auburn, Ala. Photograph by Dakota Sumpter/Auburn Athletics

The Tigers, who invested the week saying it necessary to score much more red-zone touchdowns, certainly scored in the red zone. However Auburn didn’t always even bother with the red zone. White threw 48-yard touchdown passes to both Kyle Davis and Tony Stevens, and also a regular-ol’ 36-yarder to Stevens to set up an additional score. Franklin scored on one 80-yard acceleration on his second. A couple of minutes later, the threw a 39-yard happen to Nate Craig-Myers to do it 56-7 with 1:08 left in the third quarter.

Auburn added on v a safety in the closing seconds.


Johnson had actually a career-best 127 yards and also two touchdowns in ~ the half. The finished with 146 yards, giving way to young ago midway with the 3rd quarter.

It to be a win, and also a confidence boost, together the Tigers, which started the season with 5 straight house games, turn their fist to their very first road video game when that plays in ~ Mississippi State next Saturday. Auburn improved to 3-2.

The ULM Saturday was just what Auburn needed to feel far better about the violation after beating LSU 18-13 the week before with six field goals. The Tigers score eight touchdowns versus the Warhawks.

And had actually 618 yards. After three quarters. The tigers finished with 688 yards.

The Tigers said after beating LSU through six ar goals that they necessary to be an ext productive in the red zone. They to be from the start Saturday, scoring touchdowns top top all three red-zone avenues in the an initial half.

Auburn wasted small time against its sun Belt opponent, scoring ~ above its an initial possession, starting when Sean White turned a called pass play right into a 3-yard touchdown run. White threw a 48-yard touchdown pass to Kyle Davis 6 minutes later.

Johnson finished off ULM in the very first half, v Johnson scoring indigenous the 1 and 2 to do it 28-0 v 4:05 left in the very first quarter. The Warhawks score on the critical play that the first half to reduced Auburn’s margin to 28-7 in ~ the break.

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Auburn didn’t care. White threw a 48-yard touchdown pass to Tony Stevens beforehand in the 3rd quarter to make it 35-7. White then threw a 36-yard happen to Stevens to set up a 4-yard touchdown operation by freshman Malik Miller, who carried a ULM defender right into the end zone for good measure.