Auburn many tigers football schedule predictions and also early game-by-game preview because that 2016. Projecting just how the tigers will perform this year?

What kind of season will the Auburn tigers football regime have? The Tigers should come up v some large moments in vital games, but will it take place with the 2016 schedule? What will Gus Malzahn’s team come up through this year?

Sept. 3 vs. Clemson

I keep going back and forth on this one – and will probably waffle a few more times prior to kickoff. It’s in ~ home, the AU defense have to be frothing at the mouth, and also even if it turns out to be great, the Clemson protective front has actually some reworking to do. Deshaun Watson will certainly be the distinction in a Tiger fight – but check ago in a few weeks.

Preseason Prediction: Clemson 26, Auburn 24

Sept. 10 vs. Arkansas State

This will be dangerous. Malzahn’s old team has actually the capacity to victory the sunlight Belt, and also it has actually the pop to store things close if Auburn’s offense isn’t rolling quite yet. The Tigers will win, however the defense will have to be the star.

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Preseason Prediction: Auburn 31, Arkansas State 17

Sept. 17 vs. Texas A&M

The Tigers have to come up v a residence statement, and the SEC opener should have an wait of desperation. A&M might turn the end to be the far better team through the much better season after it’s all over, yet Auburn will pull this off once the offense rolls to its best performance the the young season.

Preseason Prediction: Auburn 34, Texas A&M 27

Sept. 24 vs. LSU

It’ll it is in a good an initial half for Auburn, and then the LSU offense will certainly go to occupational with a grinding strike that’ll be brutally effective. It’ll be an ext like a trickle 보다 a waterfall, but the Bayou Bengals will uncover a way to regulate the game throughout the second fifty percent and save Auburn’s offense off the field.

Preseason Prediction: LSU 27, Auburn 13

Oct. 1 vs. ULM

It’ll be tough to obtain up because that this after ~ the loss come LSU. This will be the fifth-straight residence game, and the Tigers will certainly play prefer it with the violation exploding. The game will be nothing brief of a cathartic performance after being held down by LSU.

Preseason Prediction: Auburn 48, ULM 10

Oct. 8 in ~ Mississippi State

Finally, the Tigers space going to it is in on the road, and that’ll matter. It’ll it is in a back-and-forth fight v the 2 defenses comes up with vital stops. However, at home, the Bulldogs will find just sufficient balance to pull the end a thriller late. The biggest key: MSU had a week turn off to prepare.

Preseason Prediction: Mississippi State 27, Auburn 24

Oct. 22 vs. Arkansas

Following a desperately required bye mainly in the middle of the season, the Tigers will return refreshed sufficient to manage an Arkansas team coming turn off battles with Alabama and Ole Miss. Auburn’s offense will look great in a shootout.

Preseason Prediction: Auburn 34, Arkansas 30

Oct. 29 at Ole Miss

What type of shape will the Rebels it is in in? They’ll be comes off roadway trips to Arkansas and also LSU, yet being at home will carry out just enough to charge up the Ole miss out on defense to pitch a gem. A good performance from the Auburn happen rush won’t choose up the slack.

Preseason Prediction: Ole miss out on 38, Auburn 17

Nov. 5 vs. Vanderbilt

The Commodores should be prepared to role after acquiring a week off to prepare, and it’s walk to it is in a grind. The Tigers have to avoid the sandwich moment in between two high-profile road games, but they’ll fight their way through it.

Preseason Prediction: Auburn 23, Vanderbilt 14

Nov. 12 in ~ Georgia

It’s Georgia’s SEC finale, and it’s not going to disappoint. It’s likewise the Bulldogs’ first home game in 3 weeks, and also they’re going to play like it through a balanced attack, a nice power from an improved running game, and an effective day from quarterback Jacob Eason on the means to a fairly worry-free rivalry victory.

Preseason Prediction: Georgia 28, Auburn 17

Nov. 19 vs. Alabama A&M

Alabama it s okay UT-Chattanooga together their opening act warm-up because that the stole Bowl; Auburn gets Alabama A&M. Neither video game will be specifically entertaining.

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Preseason Prediction: Auburn 41, Alabama A&M 0

Nov. 26 at Alabama

The Tigers will certainly fight the great fight for a half, and also then it’ll be all Alabama the rest of the way. The rotation on the Crimson Tide protective front will certainly take over, stifling the Auburn ground game and forcing turnovers to revolve the video game into a breather.