Can’t gain previous the Reconnect loop when trying to launch League of Legends? No worries! In the adhering to, we’ll guide you to settle it step by step.

Try these methods

Not all options are vital, so just occupational the list down till you find the one that solves your trouble.

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1. Repair your game

When you run into problems launching the game appropriately, think about utilizing the built-in tool of “verifying integrity of game files” in case some of your game files are absent or corrupted. Here’s just how to carry out this:

1) Open your game launcher. Click on the gear icon situated on the upper-appropriate corner to open Settings.


2) Under the GENERAL tab, click Initiate Full Repair.


3) Click YES to initiate a complete repair. This will take a while to complete.


After the repair, play League of Legends and also check if your problem persists.

2. Run compatibility troubleshooter

When you’re getting stuck at the reattach loop, it might be resulted in by the compatibility concerns. Using the troubleshooter may assist you fix the concern immediately:

1) Open your game’s installation folder. (Normally C:Riot GamesOrganization of LegendsGame)

2) Find League of Legends.exe. Make certain to right-click it and choose Properties.


3) Select the Compatibility tab. Check the box beside Run this regime in compatibility mode for: and also select Windows 8. Then click Run compatibility troubleshooter.


4) Click Try recommfinished settings.


5) Click Test the program….


Then you’ll need to follow the on-display instructions to complete the troubleshooting procedure.

When it’s finish, try to launch your game to test if your concern has been resolved.

3. Update your network adapter driver

Faientice to attach and obtaining stuck at the reconnect loop may suggest that you’re having actually a poor network link. It could be caused by your outdated or faulty netoccupational adapter driver. To resolve the worry, you should try to upday your netjob-related driver.

To get a brand-new netoccupational adapter driver, you have the right to download it from the manufacturer’s official webwebsite. This requires a particular level of computer system knowledge as you should understand the specifications of your PC.

But if you don’t have the moment, patience or computer system abilities to update your netjob-related adapter driver manually, you can, rather, execute it instantly withDriver Easy. Driver Easy will certainly immediately identify your system and uncover the correct drivers for your precise device, and also your Windows version, and it will downfill and also install them correctly:

1)Downloadand install Driver Easy.

2) Run Driver Easy and also click theScan Nowbutton. Driver Easy will certainly then scan your computer anddetect any problem drivers.


3) Click Upday All to immediately downfill and also install the correct variation of all the chauffeurs that are absent or out of day on your system.(This needs the Pro version which comes with complete support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. You’ll be triggered to upgrade once you click Upday All. If you don’t want to upgrade to the Pro version, you deserve to likewise update your drivers via the FREE version. All you should perform is to downfill them one at a time and also manually install them.)


The Pro version of Driver Easy comes with full technical support. If you require assistance, please call Driver Easy’s support team atsupport

After updating your drivers, restart your COMPUTER for the alters to take complete result. Then launch your game to examine if you’re still stuck at the Reconnect loop.

4. Change your DNS server address

Tbelow are scenarios wbelow the standard DNS your ISP offers you cannot constantly be within your expectations. But transforming the DNS settings, particularly configuring Google Public DNS addresses have the right to help you deal with connectivity concerns.

Here’s how to perform this:

1) On your keyboard, push theWindows logo design keyandRat the exact same time to open the Run dialog box.

2) Typecontroland then pressEnteron your keyboard to open up the Control Panel.


3) ClickNetoccupational and also Internet. (Note: make certain you watch the Control Panel byCategory.)


4) ClickNetoccupational and Sharing Center.


5) Click on yourConnections, whether it’sEthernet, Wifi, or others.


6) ClickProperties.


7) When the Properties home window opens up, clickWeb Protocol Version 4 (TCP /IPv4)> Properties.


8) ClickUse the complying with DNS server addresses:

As yourPreferred DNS server, use8.8.8.8As yourAlternate DNS server, use8.8.4.4

Check the box next toValiday settings upon exitand then clickOKto confirm the transforms.


After applying the changes, launch your game and also you should have the ability to attach.

5. Downfill and also install Windows updates

Windows updays come with bug fixes and carry brand-new functions. To take benefit of these, you must inspect if there are any updays available:

1) In the Search box, form inexamine for updates. ClickCheck for updatesfrom outcomes.

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2) Click on theCheck for updatestab. If tbelow are any kind of updays obtainable, it’ll immediately begin to download and also install it. Simply wait for it to finish and you have to be asked to rebegin your computer.


After the reboot, launch Organization of Legends and also you have to be able to obtain previous the reattach loop.

Hopefully this write-up aided you solve your difficulties. If you have any concerns or suggestions, feel totally free to leave us a comment listed below.