22 Compute the cost of a job Using job Order Costing

To summary the task order expense system, the cost of each job consists of direct materials, straight labor, and also manufacturing overhead. If the product is in production, the direct materials and direct labor expenses are had in the occupational in procedure inventory. The straight materials are requested by the manufacturing department, and the straight material price is directly attached to each individual job, together the materials are released from raw products inventory. The expense of direct labor is tape-recorded by the employees and assigned to every individual job. As soon as the allocation basic is known, usually as soon as the product is completed, the overhead is allocated to the product on the basis of the predetermined overhead rate.

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The building and construction industry frequently uses project order costing and accounts because that its costing in a manner comparable to the enterprise profiled in this chapter.

Determining the prices of an Individual job Using task Order Costing

When a task is completed, the expenses of the job—the direct materials, direct labor, and manufacturing overhead—are totaled ~ above the job expense sheet, and the total amount is transferred to finished goods at the same time the product is transferred, one of two people physically or legally, such together in the instance of a home constructed by a contractor. Finally, as soon as the product is sold, the sale is tape-recorded at the revenue price, when the cost is moved from finished products inventory come the expense of products sold cost account. (Figure) shows the circulation of prices from raw products inventory to cost of goods sold.

Flow of prices during Production and Ultimate sale or deliver of Ownership. (credit “Raw materials Inventory,” “Work in procedure Inventory,” “Finished goods Inventory”: changes of “160810-F-UY190-027.JPG,” “160810-F-UY190-073.JPG,” and also “160810-F-UY190-105.JPG” by Jessica Weissman, Minot Air pressure Base windy Affairs, windy Domain; credit expense of items Sold”: “Rustic Sign” by grace Byrd/Flickr, CC by 2.0)


Sample price Information for Dinosaur Vinyl

Dinosaur Vinyl functioned on 3 jobs throughout the month: POR143, MAC001, and also TRJ441, and a fourth Job SWM505 had been finished and moved come the finished items inventory account throughout the ahead month.

At the beginning of the month, the company had a beginning raw products inventory balance that $2,500, and during the month, the purchased second $10,500, offering it a total of $13,000 in life materials accessible for usage in production.

The following instance will research four different production jobs. Each of the 4 will it is in at start stages at one of two people the beginning of the current month or the end of the current month.

Job POR 143: This job was the only job-related in process inventory in ~ the start of the existing month, and also it had actually $1,000 in straight material costs, and $0 of straight labor costs currently allocated come the work in procedure inventory. During the present month, added direct products of $200 and also direct labor of $150 were included to POR143. One overhead expense of $375 was used to POR143 in ~ the predetermined overhead price of $2.50 per straight labor dollar. It to be finished during the month and also transferred to the finished products inventory. The sale was not finalized during the month, therefore it proceeds to be component of the finished goods inventory.Job MAC 001: This task was started and completed during the month. Due to the fact that the job began in and also was completed in the exact same month, there was no start balance in the work in procedure inventory. Throughout the month it occurs $700 in direct materials costs, $66 in direct labor, and $165 of overhead used to the job before it was moved to the finished products inventory top top completion. The sale to be finalized throughout the month in ~ a revenue price of $2,000, therefore the costs were moved from finished items inventory to price of products sold.Job TRJ441: This job was started during the present month. Its prices consist that $500 in straight material cost, $150 in direct labor expenses, and $375 in used overhead. The task remains in the work-related in procedure inventory awaiting assembly.Job SWM505: in ~ the start of the month, this job was perfect and currently in the finished products inventory at a cost of $1,531. Due to the fact that it to be completed, it did not incur any additional costs in the current month. It was sold throughout the month for $3,500, and also the costs were moved from the finished items inventory to expense of items sold.

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The price of raw products used is calculated as shown:


The price of products manufactured is accounted for as shown:


Mechanics of job Order Costing for Dinosaur Vinyl

The amounts in raw materials, occupational in process, and finished products inventories write the total cost because that each account, whereas the job price sheets contain the costs for every individual job. A summary of the work for Dinosaur Vinyl is provided in (Figure).