around House of Blue lights

"The residence of Blue Lights" is a popular song released in 1946, composed by Don Raye and Freddie Slack. That was an initial recorded through Freddie Slack with singer Ella Mae Morse, and was covered the same year through The andrew Sisters. Notably for the time, the tune featured a "hipster"-style talked introduction by Raye and Morse: "Well, whatcha say, baby? girlfriend look ready as Mr. Freddy this black. Exactly how "bout you and me goin" spinnin" at the track?" "What"s that, homie? If friend think I"m goin" dancin" ~ above a dime, your clock is tickin" top top the not correct time. " "Well, what"s her pleasure, treasure? You speak to the plays, I"ll destruction the ways." "Hey daddy-o, I"m no so crude regarding drop mine mood on a square from means back......."The version by Morse and also Slack reached # 8 on the Billboard pop chart, and the variation by The andrew Sisters got to # 15. Small Richard made reference to the "house the blue lights" in his 1958 fight "Good Golly, miss out on Molly". The song itself was later on recorded by chuck Miller, Earl Richards, Merrill Moore, lining Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Freddy Cannon, crate Heat, commander Cody & His shed Planet Airmen, The Flamin" Groovies, Mitch Woods, Meat Puppets, George Thorogood and also others. A covering by sleep at the Wheel peaked at number 17 top top the Billboard Hot nation Singles graph in 1987.more »

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Lace up your boots and also we"ll broom ~ above downTo a knocked the end shack on the edge of townThere"s one eight beat combo that simply won"t quitKeep walkin" "til you see a blue light litFall in there and also we"ll watch some sightsAt the home of blue lamp There"s fryers and also broilers and also Detroit barbecue ribsBut the act of the treats Is as soon as they serve you all those well eight beatsYou"ll want to spend the rest of her brightsDown at the house, the home of blue lamp We"ll have a time and we"ll reduced some rugWhile we dig those tunes prefer they have to be dugIt"s a real house comin" for every the "Cats"Just trilly down a path of welcome matsFall in there and also we"ll check out some sightsAt the house of blue lights There"s fryers and broilers and Detroit barbecue ribsBut the treat of the treats Is once they offer you every those fine eight beatsYou"ll want to spend the remainder of your brightsDown at the house, the house of blue lights

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sleep at the Wheel asleep at the Wheel is one American nation music group that was created in Paw Paw, West Virginia, yet based in Austin, Texas. Altogether, they have actually won nine Grammy Awards because their 1970 inception. In their career, they have released much more than twenty studio albums, and also have charted more than twenty singles on the Billboard nation charts. Your highest-charting single, "The Letter the Johnny pedestrian Read", peaked at No.

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10 in 1975. An ext »