Di Lung (from courage The Cowardly Dog) is rather honestly among the biggest, stupidest, many insultingly stereotypical wastes that a character the I've ever before seen in any kind of show (as phenomenally great as the show in concern admittedly is)

The key reasons why are precisely as follows:

He is an for sure HORRIBLE racist caricature that the Chinese (yes, also more so 보다 Dr. Vindaloo is of Indians, and also Dr. Vindaloo is a witch medical professional with a pet elephant for crying out loud)

When he in reality does gain a major role in an illustration (hell, usually also when he's just belting the end his signature catchphrase and/or being minimal to only making his usual cameo appearances, as seen as soon as he bumps into world while driving about in his an intricate vintage Corvette simply to show it off in Hothead and also Food of The Dragon, or as soon as he shoves Courage turn off of the an excellent Wall the China just for not being the upper-class Chinese aristocracy that the is in Squatting Tiger hidden Dog, or once he yells in ~ Eustace because that making the drop all of his narcissistic image of self in Cabaret Courage, OR as soon as he luxuriously lounges about in the fish people's gigantic fishbowl together if that owns that in Fishy Business, OR once he rides end to a desperately doggy-paddling Ma Bagge on his ludicrously massive surfboard just to belittle her for no riding among them herself in Scuba Scuba Doo, OR most ESPECIALLY once he builds the entire Eiffel Tower out of toothpicks simply so the he can yell "I to be PERFECT" in Perfect), precise his just purpose in life is evidently come arrogantly boast about how rich, spoiled and also smart he is and generally it is in a complete sadistic bastard with also less respect for others than Eustace (for instance, this heat from the aforementioned Squatting Tiger surprise Dog, as soon as he is REMOVING MURIEL'S SKELETON through A PAIR of CHOPSTICKS: "This no acupuncture! This de-boning! I'm acquisition out her bones! AHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!"...oh, and also that one component in courage VS Mecha-Courage once he proud watches with happiness as Mecha-Courage to win the actual Courage within an customs of his sodding LIFE)

In general, his personality is just Eustace's there is no the charm, do him totally redundant and pointless (at least Eustace has a few moments here and there wherein he in reality feels somewhat like a actual person)