For a second season, three couples space seen undergoing the ultimate relationship test ~ above OWN’s Put A Ring on It – such together by dating others.

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To uncover out if they have actually met your perfect match, castle are thrust away from their comfort zones, with help from relationship coach Dr. Nicole LaBeach.

This year, we will certainly be presented to long-time couples Alexia and also Darion, LaRhonda and also Jay, and also Jessica and Eric, who have actually signed up because that the show.

The nine-week experiment entails dating various other people, to view if it help them carry clarity to their own situations. Season 2 couples incoming…

Alexia and Darion

The couple, who are usually on-and-off, have actually been with each other for 14 years.

After dating for end a decade, they have actually recently relocated in together.

As Darion does no seem excited to acquire married, Alexia puts push on him, follow to the very own website.

During the an initial episode, it has been revealed that temptation from elsewhere could end his 14-year relationship.

Alexia responds to the situation with: “If you to be considering my feelings, there would be no 2nd date.”

Despite this, lock look at sight happy v each other on Instagram!

LaRhonda and Jay

LaRhonda, a successful engineer and also investor who is “constantly leveling up”, has been v comedian Jay Dukes for three years.

As she is peak earner in the relationship, Jay doesn’t feel favor he wants to get married to she yet.

Before proposing and also walking down the aisle, Jay wants to make sure he can satisfy LaRhonda halfway as soon as it concerns finances.

We had actually a look at at your Instagram pages, and also it shows up that the pair are more happiness and more loved-up than ever.

Jessica and Eric

They may have actually dated for 4 years, however Jessica and Eric space not ~ above the very same page as soon as it involves when they go “official”.

Since having issues from work one, Eric is now adjusting to life after being an NBL player, while Jessica is make the efforts to acquire used come him being completely committed.

It looks favor they may no much longer be together, together neither Jessica nor Eric have any recent images with each other on Instagram (except for present promo).

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