Megalobox: 5 ways It's similar To Ashita No Joe (& 5 key Differences) The Netflix anime Megalobox is based upon the classic manga Ashita No Joe. Here are the similarities and differences in the series.

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Gearless Joe native Megalobox and Joe Yabuki indigenous Ashita No Joe
Ashita No Joe is a boxing manga and anime that is iconic come Japanese shores. Certification the titular Joe Yabuki, the fights his means up come the top while continuing to be true come himself. The series has become influential and also has influenced other manga such as Hajime No Ippo. However, recently for the 50th anniversary, that spiritual successor Megalobox released and also currently has actually a second season. However, when they are both an extremely similar, there are aspects that are distinctly different.

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These are the miscellaneous similarities and differences in between the corresponding animes. Viewers room warned the spoilers.

The core soul of the two animes is exactly how they do the audience feel like rooting because that the underdogs. Both the the key characters constantly have the drive to save going. To gradually go past what castle are despite the odds gift stacked against them.

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This is clean regardless the the different settings. Just how they both feel dirty and the main characters being in a lower class compared to the rest of the world. However, they usage their willpower and also strive come go past what they are perceived to be capable of.

9 different - Setting

Joe walking In Japan - Ashita No joe
return both settings are relatively down-to-earth and dirty, castle are different enough to stand on their own respectively. The setting of Ashita No Joe is collection within contemporary Japan during that era. V dirty slums and also the city being relatively realistic overall. Meanwhile, this is contrasted by the setting of Megalobox. While the dirtier and also down-to-earth aesthetic tho applies, over there are aspects where the cosmos is much more advanced contrasted to the original. A notable example is the exoskeletons that room present across the bulk of boxers.

Megalobox Gearless Joe vs Yuri
in addition to the underdog feeling that both mirrors share, they also have the characters prove us to accomplish an unclimbable odd. For both Joes, the key goal was for lock to rise up in order to fight your eternal rival. Reaching higher despite gift unknown come the majority of the boxing community. This provides their victory against opponents with higher reputations feel that much an ext satisfying. But it likewise makes the weights of your potential defeats also feel an ext powerful.

7 various - reasons To Fight

Joe Yabuki native Ashita No Joe
although both Joes have a comparable call to action, their respective factors for going into the boxing sport are a little different. For Joe Yabuki, that joined for a selfish reason and strived for something an ext through Rikiishi. Meanwhile, Gearless Joe has always been a megalo boxer but he feeling unfulfilled and also wanted come fight Yuri. However, after their particular fights, your perceptions as a boxer begins to change. Joe Yabuki fights for what that believes in, when Gearless Joe v his nomad phase attempts to uncover redemption for himself.

Respectively, simply as just how the two respective main characters are similar to each other, the supporting cast that lock share market a similar function together. Both Joes have a corresponding coach who has an eye patch, a disastrous backstory, and an eye because that talent. Both of the key characters additionally have children who sell support in any way that lock can. The show additionally has several rival characters and a wealthy woman who believes in what they produce with your respective beliefs in boxing. Nonetheless, they all produce a human being that is shaped by their characters.

5 various - arts Style

The art styles between the two shows couldn"t be any an ext different. Adhering to the art style of the an excellent Tetsuya Chiba, Ashita No Joe has actually a classic style that is memory of at an early stage manga such as Astro Boy and also the like. However, it readily available brutality and soul that shouldn"t be overlooked. Contrasting that is Megalobox i beg your pardon is a display that is much more similar come anime the the 90s such as Cowboy Bebop. Regardless, the kinetic energy and also the heart in specific still remain existing with the successor.

following their fights against their particular rivals, Rikiishi and Yuri underwent a physical chaos that experiment them both physically and also mentally. For the former, it to be to shed weight and also train tough to be roughly Joe Yabuki"s weight. For Yuri, it to be the remove of his equipment that results in him going through excruciating pain and also fighting v his willpower. This renders the fights between the two rivals every the more gratifying and also interesting when it occurs because that the respective main characters.

3 different - The main Character

despite the characters both being named Joe, there room some distinct distinctions that separate the two as being one and the same. Back the differences are often more subtle than directly distinct, both Joe"s thinking behind becoming a boxer is far different. Joe Yabuki"s reasoning is more directly linked with Rikiishi, while Gearless Joe was a boxer indigenous the start and wanted a worthy fight. The other difference in between the two is that, unlike Yabuki, the key character"s actual name is unknown in Megalobox.

The two respective mirrors make the clear that the main characters don"t treatment much for the glory. Instead, they hit only since of the thrill and yearning come fight. Through each match, it offers them new satisfaction which bring them closer to their rival.

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This is why the personalities don"t yes, really talk about the glory of gift a champion. Instead, they use it together symbolism for their particular character arcs. The being said, every fight that the respective key characters achieved always results in bruises and blood.

1 various - The finishing To Their very first Arc

after the enhance of your respectianimeve rivals, the 2 shows have actually diverted right into drastically various routes. Because that Ashita No Joe, the climactic Rikiishi fight finished with Joe losing and the previous dying. This led to Joe"s life being forever changed. Difference this, Gearless Joe wins against Yuri and also gets a happy ending, at least until season 2 wherein he is in a deep depression.

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