execute Pokémon's Ash and Serena ever Get Married? Pokémon\"s protagonist Ash Ketchum may finally uncover love through Serena many thanks to the events of the anime XY&Z, leaving room for a future relationship.

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while there have actually been plenty of characters and also relationships presented in the Pokémon anime, events in XY&Z may have actually been a game-changer for Pokémon\"s charismatic hero, Ash Ketchum. Throughout the occasions of XY&Z, Ash travels with Clemont, Bonnie, and also Serena as they discover the Kalos region. However, Ash\"s partnership with Serena takes a romantic turn as she struggles with she crush top top him, and Ash gradually becomes interested in Serena past friendship.

Ash and Serena\"s connection starts out mostly one-sided. Serena remembers Ash from their very first encounter as youngsters at professor Oak\"s Pokémon camp, where he lends she his handkerchief to safeguard her knee after ~ she has actually fallen down. Serena keeps the handkerchief for years after, hoping because that a opportunity to return it come him. As soon as she sees that on TV one night in ~ the start of the Pokémon XY anime, she sets out to fulfill with him, no knowing how it will transform the course of either of their lives.

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Ash and Serena grow really close through their adventures in Pokémon\"s Kalos region. While Ash appears oblivious to Serena\"s feelings, Serena proceeds to find her very own feelings deepening, and also starts to do bold transforms in her life together he inspires her to try harder. Ash starts to develop his own personal feelings because that Serena, even giving her a distinct gift in illustration 59 of Pokémon XY, once they room both beside the pledging tree. The gift he provides her is a unique blue ribbon that she then wears as part of her outfit for the rest of XY&Z starting in illustration 60.

many thanks to a pan translation common on Reddit, Pokémon fans to be able to learn an ext about the emotional end to the Pokémon XY&Z anime, and also the moment that Serena claims goodbye to Ash and also Pikachu. Together Serena prepares to leave Kalos, she speak Ash the she wants to be an ext like him, prior to stepping onto the escalator in farewell. However, she turns and also dashes back up the measures as viewers gain a slow-motion scene of Ash and Serena\"s feet as she goes up on her toes. When she pulls away, she is blushing, and Ash looks awestruck, while Clemont appears embarrassed in the background. After translating an interview in AnimeStyle magazine v Yajima Tetsuo, a manager of Pokémon XY&Z, the is revealed the a kiss implied to happen throughout the scene.

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While Serena hasn\"t changed in recent seasons, there is hope within the Pokémon fandom the the relationship between herself and Ash will be revisited in future episodes of the anime, or movies. It\"s difficult to speak what the future might be for Ash and Serena, as the Pokémon anime doesn\"t usually period the main characters, or covering what happens when they prosper up. But there is always a opportunity that Pokémon pan will have a chance to check out Serena again in future cameo appearances, and hopefully add to the relationship between herself and Ash.