Arma 3 keeps closing come the desktop unexpectedly? If you’re suffering this frustrating issue, take a deep breath and try the solutions below.

Fixes come try:

You may not have actually to shot them all; simply work your method down the list until you uncover the one that works for you.

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Fix 1: fulfill the minimum system requirements

The minimum computer system specs have to be met to operation Arma 3 properly. Here are the minimum needs to playArma 3:

OS: home windows 7 SP1 (64bit)
Memory: 4 GB ram
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT / AMD Radeon HD 5670 / Intel HD graphic 4000 with 512 MB VRAM
DirectX: 10
Storage : 32 GB complimentary space

If you’re running particularly old variation of Windows, or your graphics map is a pair of generations too far back, then you’ve probably discovered your problem. In this case, you’ll have to play the video game on an additional computer.

If you’re not so familiar with installed hardware on your PC, monitor the instructions listed below to examine them:

1)On your keyboard, press theWindows logokey andRat the same time to invoke the run dialog.


2)Typedxdiagand clickOK.


3)Check yourOperating System, Processor, Memory and DirectX Version.


4)Click theDisplaytab, and then inspect your graphics card’s information.


Make certain your computer meets the minimum specs, then check out on and also check the fix, below.

Fix 2: operation your video game as an administrator

Arma 3 crashing problems might occur when it stops working to access vital game papers or folders under the stander user account. To check out if that’s the main point issue, try running heavy steam as an administrator, climate launch your video game from Steam. Right here is exactly how to do it:

1)Exit Steam.

2)Right-click theSteam iconon your desktop computer and selectProperties.


3)Click theCompatibility taband check the box following toRun this routine as an administrator. Then, clickOK.


4)Relaunch steam and Arma 3 come test her issue.

You deserve to hopefully beat Arma 3 there is no crashing now. If the difficulty still exists, then go ahead v the solve below.

Fix 3: End unnecessary programs

Running lot of applications in ~ the same time takes up resources and also can make Arma 3 crash or freeze. So, you must turn off extraneous software while gaming. Here is how to do it:

If you on windows 7…

1)Right-click her taskbar and selectStart job Manager.


2)Click theProcessestab. Then, inspect your currentCPU and memory usageto check out what procedures are spend your resources most.


3)Right-click the resource-consuming procedure and selectEnd process Tree.

Don’t end any kind of program the you’re not familiar with. It may be vital for the to work of her computer.

Try relaunching Arma 3 to view if this has actually resolved your issue. If this didn’t help, tryFix4.

If she on home windows 8 or 10…

1)Right-click her taskbar and selectTask Manager.


2)Check her currentCPU and also memory usageto view what procedures are spend your resources most.


3)Right-click the resource-consuming process and selectEnd task.

Don’t end any type of program the you’re not acquainted with. It might be an essential for the functioning of her computer.

Try launchingArma 3to check out if the works effectively now. If the crash error tho happens, walk ahead v the resolve below.

Fix 4: update your graphic driver

One the the many common reasons of the Arma 3 crashing issue is an outdated graphics driver. To keep your game running correctly, it’s necessary that you have the recent correct graphic driver at all times.

There space two methods you deserve to update yourgraphics drivers:

Option 1 – Manually– You’ll require some computer skills and patience to update your driver this way, since you require to find exactly the right the driver online, download it and install it action by step.


Option 2 – instantly (Recommended)– This is the quickest and also easiest option. It’s all done with simply a pair of mouse clicks – easy even if she a computer system newbie.

Option 1 – Download and install the driver manually

The manufacturer of your graphics card keeps update the driver. To obtain them, you must go come themanufacturer’swebsite, uncover the driver equivalent with your specific flavor that Windows variation (for example, windows 32 bit) and download the driver manually.

Once did you do it downloaded the correct driver for your system, double-click ~ above the downloaded file and monitor the on-screen accuse to download the driver.

Option 2 – immediately update her graphics driver

If friend don’t have actually the time, patience or computer an abilities to upgrade your graphics driver manually, you deserve to do it instantly withDriver Easy.

Driver straightforward will immediately recognize her system and also find the correct driver because that it. Friend don’t must know specifically what mechanism your computer is running, you don’t must risk downloading and installing the dorn driver, and you don’t should worry around making a mistake once installing.

You can update your driver immediately with one of two people the complimentary or the Pro variation of Driver Easy. However with the Pro version it takes just 2 clicks:

1)Downloadand install Driver Easy.

2)Run Driver Easy and also click theScan Nowbutton. Driver simple will then scan your computer and detect any kind of problem drivers.


3) Click theUpdate buttonnext come the graphic driver to immediately download the correct variation of that driver, climate you can manually install it (you deserve to do this through the free version).

Or clickUpdate Allto immediately download and install the correct version ofallthe vehicle drivers that are lacking or the end of date on your system. (This calls for the Pro version which comes with complete support and also a 30-day money earlier guarantee. You will do it be prompted to upgrade when you click update All.)

You can do the for complimentary if girlfriend like, however it’s partially manual.

Fix 5: readjust your computer power plan

By default, the power arrangement on all computers is collection toBalanced to save energy. So, your computer sometimes will sluggish down automatically and cause Arma 3 crashing issue.

If that’s the problem for you, setting the power plan to High Performance need to fix it. Keep in mind that Under High power mode, your pc will generate much more heat. Follow the instructions below:

1)On your keyboard, push theWindows logokey and typecontrol. Then, clickControl panel.


2)UnderView by,clickLarge icons.


3)SelectPower Options.


4)SelectHigh Performance.


Restart your computer system and Arma 3 to view if this worked for you. If your difficulty persists, shot the fix below.

Fix 6: launch Arma 3 v the malloc=system command

Another solution to the crashing problem is to custom the memory Allocator top top Arma 3. Many players solve their worry by launching Arma 3 with the malloc=system command. Right here is just how to do it:

1)Run Steam.



3)Right-clickArma 3and selectProperties.


4)ClickSET beginning OPTIONS.


5)Remove any type of launch choices currently shown.


6)Type -malloc=systemand clickOK.


7)Restart Arma 3 to check out this helped.

If this didn’t occupational for you, you’ll have to reopen the launch options box and clear the start option. Then, shot the fix, below.

Fix 7: Reinstall BattlEye service

In some cases, the Arma 3crash is regarded the anti-cheat service BattlEye error. If that’s the trouble for you, reinstalling BattlEye should be able to fix it. Monitor the indict below:

1) leave Steam.

2) On your keyboard, push the Windows logo design key and also E at the same time.

3) Click the View tab, then check the box beside Hidden items.


3) Paste C:\Program files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 on the address bar, then push Enter on your keyboard.


4) Delete the BattlEye folder.


5) go to the adhering to directories come delete the BattlEye folder and also the BEClient.dll.

Go to C:\Program papers (x86)\Common Files\, and delete the BattlEye folder.Go come C:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Arma 3\BattlEye\, and also delete BEClient.dll.

6)Run Steam.


8)Right-clickArma 3and selectProperties.


9)Click theLOCAL FILEStab, then clickVERIFY integrity OF video game FILES.


Wait because that the scans to be complete, climate relaunch Arma 3 come reinstall BattlEye. If the game still crashes, try the next fix.

Fix 8: Reinstall Arma 3 and/or Steam

If no one of the fixes over worked because that you, reinstalling your video game and/or steam is very likely the equipment to her problem. Below is just how to carry out it:

Reinstall Arma 3

1)Run Steam.


3)Right-clickArma 3 and selectUninstall.




5)Relaunch heavy steam to download and also reinstall Arma 3.

Try launching Arma 3 again. If your trouble still exists, try the fix below.

Reinstall Steam

1)Right-click theSteam iconand selectOpen document location.


2)Right-click thesteamappsfolder and selectCopy. Then, ar the copy in one more location to back it up.


3)On her keyboard, push theWindows logokey and also typecontrol. Then, clickControl Panel.


4)UnderView by, selectCategory.Then, selectUninstall a program.


5)Right-clickSteam, and then clickUninstall. Then, wait for the procedure to it is in complete.


6)Downloadand download Steam.

7)Right-click theSteam iconand selectOpen document location.


8)Move the backupsteamappsfolder girlfriend create prior to to your current catalog location.


9)RestartArma 3to test your problem.

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Hopefully, this article helped in addressing your issue! If girlfriend have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.