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No. 12 Ole miss out on earned its 2nd conference ns of the season top top the road, versus No. 22 Arkansas ~ above Saturday night, 34-30.

On the game-deciding fourth-and-16, Ole miss out on QB Chad Kelly scrambled upfield and also got rocked, causing a fumble come fly the end of bounds and also thus end the Rebels’ last opportunity to score.

Chad Kelly about to operation for the an initial down on fourth and long and also then this happens.

— Scott Charlton (

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This year’s matchup had actually a comparable feel to critical year’s 53-52 thriller, in which the Razorbacks come out on height in overtime, many thanks to this fourth-and-25 play:

This year, Arkansas led 17-6 in the 2nd quarter, but the Rebels scored two touchdowns come tie points up at 20 through halftime. Late in the third, the Razorbacks score a touchdown to take a seven-point lead, and also Ole Miss obtained a ar goal beforehand in the fourth quarter.

Inside the 10-minute mark, Ole miss picked turn off Arkansas’ Austin Allen to take end at about midfield. Rolling 27-23, the Rebels to be able to put together a quick, five-play, 45-yard scoring drive, finished turn off by a Kelly touchdown operation to take a 30-27 lead.

Arkansas got one more chance with six and also a half minutes to go in the sphere game. The Hogs controlled to drive deep right into Ole miss out on territory, and capped that off with a six-yard touchdown run to take it a 34-30 lead v a tiny over 2 minutes left.

Arkansas QB Allen didn’t quite have the outstanding, 442-yard, six-TD performance versus Ole miss out on that his brothers Brandon had last season, yet finished 19-of-32 passing for 229 yards with three touchdowns and an interception.

Now the SEC West looks come be down to Texas A&M and Alabama — the two will confront off in Tuscaloosa, Ala. In a week.

The Rebels still have a long way to walk schedule-wise, with roadway games against Texas A&M and LSU and home games against Auburn and Mississippi State.

Arkansas still has some interesting games remaining, including a road video game vs. Auburn next week, then back-to-back residence games versus Florida and LSU. The Razorbacks finish off your schedule with roadway games versus Mississippi State and also Missouri.

This isn’t whereby Ole miss out on was last year coming into this game. Critical season, the Rebels to be in the SEC West’s driver"s seat hosting the Razorbacks and also merely essential to host on with virtually five minutes to beat in stimulate to maintain its ar in the division. Instead, the Razorbacks stormed ago to send the game to overtime and also win top top a wild two-point conversion.