In brand-new Orleans, 22 singles arrive ready to discover their Perfect Match and take part in a dating-app-style swiping game, climate one pair gets acquainted with the eight Boom Room.

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Malcolm manages a love triangle v Diandra and Nurys, the housemates have actually a pirate party, and also the men test their archery chops in the challenge.

The housemates evaluate your strategy ~ the 2nd Truth Booth, Michael has a tough talk with Keyana, and Kareem and also Alivia bond over your pasts.

Malcolm and also Nurys face the reality Booth, the ladies get quizzed ~ above the guys, and a ring of pillow-wrestling gets out of hand.

Dimitri offends Nicole in ~ the lingerie party, Kareem damages Alivia as soon as he pursues who else, and also Audrey makes a surprising pick at the Matchup Ceremony.

Alexis sets she sights top top Keith, the guys get quizzed by the ladies" households in the challenge, and also Joe has actually words for the no-match couples at the Matchup Ceremony.
Kareem lashes the end at the guys, Nurys loses she temper at Diandra, Alexis and also Keith confront their fate together a couple, and also Anthony reconsiders his relationship with Geles.
The housemates get to understand their potential matches" exes in the challenge, Anthony sets increase a surprise for Diandra, and Keith pursues Alivia.
Tensions ramp up between Alexis and also Keith, Malcolm"s indiscretions catch up come him, and also Michael"s chemistry with Geles causes a stir at the Matchup Ceremony.
Keith and Alexis revolve heads at the Mardi Gras party, another Truth Booth upsets the housemates, and Audrey confronts Geles around Michael.
Keith formulates a new strategy, Audrey ill a heartbreak once Michael goes come the boom Boom Room, and the housemates attempt to win their an individual best in ~ the Matchup Ceremony.
Jada wins a Getaway day with she nemesis, Keith and Alexis"s breakup turns destructive, and also the housemates challenge their final Matchup Ceremony.
Sparks fly and jealousy easily takes over as 22 singles move into a house in Hawaii in an attempt to find their Perfect Match and also win $1 million.
Back-to-back boom Boom Room hookups brand Kai a player, Nour and Justin step right into the reality Booth, and also everyone"s true feelings room revealed at the an initial match-up ceremony.
Zak offers mixed signals while the ladies fight for his attention, resentment in between Kenya and also Jasmine grows, and also four singles check out their options on a team date.
Asia finds out about Kenya and Lewis"s night in the eight Boom Room, Brett erupts once he look at Cali talk to Zak, and also the first couple heads right into the reality Booth.
The singles space surprised once several exes arrive throughout an overnight partnership rehab, and some discover other options as emotions operation high.
Kwasi beginning drama once he speak Kenya around Tevin and also Jasmine, Bria confronts Morgan around her partnership with Zak, and also the women decide come shake up your strategy.
Cam starts to inquiry his link with Kayla, Daniel pushes Samantha away through his games, and also Zak"s love triangle through Bria and also Morgan gets also messier.
Asia erupts ~ above Nutsa because that what she deems shady behavior, Zak goes on damages control, and also Cali pushes away Cam for this reason she can discover her connection with Tomas.
Cam defends Kayla, Nutsa and also Brett proceed to flirt, Moe tries to urbanbreathnyc.come the end of his shell, Lewis speak Asia just how he yes, really feels, and a group day shakes increase the house.
The cast of The Hills gets a new start when The Hills: new Beginnings premieres top top June 25 ~ above AU and NZ.

See more: Top 44 If You Have To Hide It Quotes About Nothing To Hide, Hiding Quotes stars are set up v seven identical singles who enhance their right physical type in a dating show unlike any type of other when game of Clones premieres march 26.
It"s a search to build an empire in Mykonos, Greece, and only the best of the best will do as soon as Lindsay Lohan"s Beach society premieres January 9 at 12pm - very same time together the US and also only ~ above!