I really choose the consumption of the sentence "Have a great day" in English. It offers a good vibration once saying goodbye come someone.

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In urbanbreathnyc.com is not really common to usage it, so every time I want to use it I save wondering: i m sorry of these have to be the desired way?

Ten un buen día

Que tengas un buen día

or even

Que vaya bien

In instance it needs to it is in specific, I would certainly rather decided a urbanbreathnyc.com indigenous Spain version.


The brief answer would certainly be

Que tengas un buen día

Which express your desire for the other person to in reality "have a nice day".

"Ten un buen día" is the literal translation yet it doesn"t refer the sentiment behind "have a nice day". It might be provided to perhaps cheer who up; something like "Hey you, go and also have a pretty day" or something prefer that.

"Que vaya bien" is not completely correct. It would certainly be an ext like "Que te vaya bien" and also it is most frequently used when someone is going to carry out something, maybe once someone is going to a job interview, you deserve to tell that "Que car vaya bien" to express her desire for the interview to walk well.

But for saying goodbye the most common way is "Que tengas un buen día", "Que tengas buen día" or as mentioned in the comment "Feliz día".

Also psychic that, in part cultures and countries, as soon as you desire to speak with much more respect (to larger people, for example) you would say "Que tenga un buen día" since "tengas" is a an ext personal manner.

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Que tenga buen día.

or the much more familiar, however less commonly heard:

Que tengas buen día.

Are both very common in Mexico and also Guatemala (the countries with which i am many familiar). Even an ext common, specifically as a closeup of the door of a service transaction (a store clerk would say it to you together you"re finishing paying):

Que car vaya bien.

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Your 2nd proposal might be express in this officially way:

¡Que le vaya bien! (a usted)

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