“I favor this game”- Sam

Tonight’s tale is native Sam. The is her 2nd story in the series so lets provide her ago shall we. Her stories have tendency to be of forgotten love for this reason sit back and make part popcorn because that this love story.

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The night begins with an eight wrestling match versus my future ex-husband Tucker and also Kiki, i beg your pardon doesn’t yes, really seem fair, yet they are around the same size so I mean its an even match.

My money is on Kiki

The Gary says “This is pitiful.” and also he is leaning against a tree through Frank, once Betty Ann to walk in, she has actually a pink vest on and also greets them. Sam soon follows her. Tuckers it s okay distracted by her and losses to Kiki. Tucker says “Ow no fair! i was distracted!” frank isn’t to buy Tucker’s excuses. Tucker states to Kiki “Let’s go again. You and also me. Come on.” Kiki has better things to do and says “Forget that Pee Wee.” Tucker responds v “I can beat friend anytime, anyplace.” (Um you know that is a false statement right, Kiki simply beat you so yeah). Betty Ann inquires about what is going on.

Interesting fashion options (seriously the is choose they dislike Betty Ann)

Frank tells her “Tucker’s mad since Kiki referred to as him a runt.” also both Frank and also The Gary watch stoned the end of their minds (maybe lock were smoking the “midnight dust”).

Are lock high?

Kiki apologizes come Tucker because that calling that a runt. Ns am not sure if she actually way it, however hey one apology is an apology and Kiki doesn’t win me together the type of person to say it unless she intended it. Tucker states “No you’re not. You’re simply scared I’m gonna win you.” (Jesus Tucker learn to take an apology). Then Kiki states “yeah, that must be it. I’m–I’m scared.” The Gary speak up and says “speaking the scared, you’re increase tonight, Sam. Friend ready?” (finally The Gary has the schedule under or probably he remembered because it is Sam’s turn). Sam says “Sure.” (Aw the confidence of a human being who maybe did no prepare). Sam begins by speak “I’ve got a story around something exceptionally horrifying. But it’s not monsters or demons or any of the normal scary stuff. It’s abut miscellaneous that deserve to strike any kind of one of us (unless her immortal) at any kind of time. And also it’s constantly when we the very least expect it.” The Gary is intrigued and also says “What is it?” Sam states ” true love.” Kiki states “You’re kidding.” I have to admit i would have the very same reaction. Sam tries to protect her explain by saying “Come on. Who says love isn’t scary? It can really pains sometimes. Yet love is what people live for. And in my story, it’s sort of what they dice for. Climate Sam submits she story for the approval the the Midnight society and litter in the Midnight dust by herself because that the very first time, and also calls she tale: The story of the Dream Girl.

We are presented to Brother and also Sister team Johnny and Erica. They space super close, choose if you did not understand they were siblings, you might think the are dating close.

Pull mine finger?

Johnny find a course ring in his locker, and also asks Erica if she placed in the locker. She looks at it and also says no, but it is a girl ring. Johnny puts the ring ~ above his pinky yet cannot take it it off.

Later the night Erica is doing homework and also watching TV with Johnny, as soon as her mommy comes under to tell she its bedtime. Her mommy tells her no to argue with her. Johnny claims “good night mom.” however she doesn’t respond. Erica goes to bed, if Johnny continues to be up and also watches TV. He falls asleep and hears a woman’s voice phone call him. She inquires around his whereabouts and then finds him.

The secret girl of Johnny’s dreams

She tells Johnny to wake up up, yet he doesn’t and also she leans in come kiss him and also at that minute he is awoken.

The next day at the bowling alley, the manger comes and tells Erica that is happy that he doesn’t have to hire one more maintenance guy and also the much longer he holds turn off the better his publications look, usually he is making money. It’s all about the Benjamin’s! Johnny overhears this and complains to Erica around not gift appreciated. He tells her, “Who does the think keeps this location running anyway?” climate Johnny view the girl from his dreams and decides to go over and also talk come her. But Cheryl doesn’t check out Johnny and also ignores him and also walks away.

Johnny goes into his locker, and notices every his stuff is missing. Climate he hears a girl calling the again, and also the girl claims “Johnny, it’s me. It’s Donna.” Johnny type of freaks out and sees her. He speak her no to move. Johnny follows Donna through the bowling alley. Then he hears screaming and covers his ears.

Later on in ~ home, Johnny make the efforts to talk to his mom, she ignores him. Then Johnny finds a letter addressed to him. It’s a love letter native Donna Maitland. She tells him to fulfill her this evening at the bowling alley snack bar.

When Johnny walks into the snack bar, he is greeted by people claiming to be the night shift. The lady at the counter gives the a warm apple pie ala mode and a cola chaser. Johnny speak her that is he order and also she says she knows. Then Donna reflects up and says “I hope ns am no late.” Johnny says “I thought you weren’t gonna show.” Donna claims “I’d never ever stand girlfriend up!, i can’t your’re wearing mine ring.” Johnny says “This is yours?” Donna states ” Let’s dance.” for this reason they dance and Johnny asks she questions about who she is and how she knows him. She tells him the is nearly time come go and also she wants him to come v her. Then it is too late. Johnny knocks over a table and also everyone disappears.

Johnny runs home to phone call Erica about seeing Donna, but before he deserve to say anything, Erica shows him this:

She tells Johnny she is dead. Johnny can’t believe what he is hearing. Erica speak Johnny that Donna to be driving with her boyfriend and also the car stalled on the railroad tracks. Donna and also her boyfriend obtained out that the car, but Donna forgot her institution ring the her boyfriend had just given to her. Donna went ago to get it and also a train came. Johnny keeps informing Erica that he saw her and he talked to her. She claimed he had actually her ring.

Johnny tries to acquire the ring turn off his hand, as soon as Donna appears again. She claims “Don’t operation from me Johnny. I desire your come come with me” Johnny tells she “Take her stupid ring back.” Donna speak Johnny that it is him that she wants. Johnny tells Donna to leave him alone, but she tells him it’s time and to go through her.

Johnny and Erica go earlier home and also she tries to gain Johnny come relax, yet he cannot. The call rings and also it is Donna, Johnny tells she it;s no a funny joke and to leaving him alone. Donna says “I’m i m really sorry Johnny. I won’t bother you anymore.” She hangs up and also the ring falls off his finger on to the floor.

Erica is type of impatient with Johnny and also asks him if that still thinks it is every a joke. He states “I don’t know.” therefore Johnny decides to provide Donna her ring back, through going to the graveyard. Ns think that is walk to ar it top top the headstone.

So Johnny and Eric go to the graveyard. As soon as there Johnny finds Donna’s grave appropriate away. He falls right on to it. Erica asks Johnny “How go you understand it would be right here?” Johnny says “I didn’t i just….” Eric to speak “Happen come wander far from me acquire lost and also trip appropriate over it?” Johnny looks at Erica and says “what are you talking about?” Erica say” you knew specifically where she was hidden why do you think that it?” Johnny is tho confused. Erica speak him “Maybe you’ve been here before, walk you ever before think the that?” He to speak no that hasn’t been there before. Then she bring up the accident and also shows that this:

Guess that the friend is!

Then Donna present up and also he agrees come go through her. Prior to he leaves, Johnny provides Erica the ring come remember that by. Climate Johnny and Donna walk come wherever they are going together. They space together in ~ last.

Sam ends she story by saying “Erica was constantly going to miss Johnny, yet it made she feel far better to understand that he was happy in ~ last v the girl of his dreams. The end.” The Gary claims “Good one Sam.” Tucker claims “Cool you’re a ghost and you don’t know it.” Kiki claims “yeah favor your a runt and you don’t even know it.” Tucker says “I’ll display you who’s a runt.” climate he gets approximately chase Kiki through the woods. The Gary declares the conference of the Midnight society closed as Betty Ann and Frank leave, and also he puts the end the fire. Sam waits approximately for The Gary to finish. Once he finishes they operation after the others.

Tucker takes turn off after Kiki adhered to by Frank and Betty Ann

Moira’s Thoughts:

This wasn’t a scary story, but I have actually noticed apart from she initiation story, nobody of Sam’s stories room scary. This isn’t to say she stories space not any good, they are just about unfinished business or shed of love. Ns think Sam might be a romantic.

Sam to be low vital flirting with The Gary at the really end.I liked how Tucker and Kiki connected with one another in this episode.This story would have benefited from a reduced to the Midnight culture halfway through to work out some things.I would say this was a an excellent effort for a 2nd story.I’ve pertained to the realization the this story is very comparable to season 1’s The story of the Prom Queen together told by Kristen.

Good project Sam top top your 2nd story: The story of the Dream Girl. Up following is our resident difficult girl, Kiki with her story: The tale of Quicksilver, i beg your pardon stars Jason Alisharan’s brothers Kyle and also Tatyana Ali from new Prince the Bel-air.

**Side note following week is finals, so i cannot promise the I will be posting as regularly as i am do the efforts to happen all mine classes, yet I can promise that once I am finished I will party hard and try to arrange an interview.

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Until following time…. Submitted for the approval that the Midnight Society, I speak to this story: The story of Moira’s afraid of the Dark? (But no really) blog 10 the Season 3.

I would like to interview *cough*Ross Hull or Raine Pare-Coull or Jodie Resther, *cough* I feel the if enough human being tweet in ~ them or facebook them, and also let castle know about this blog, it have the right to happen! Let’s make my dream come true!

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