This new survival video game has a surprised waiting for Team gun Gun: every one of the attendees are compelled to complete in complete cosplay! It’s a great thing Yuki has actually them covered.

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The City Hunter Ryo Saeba has actually been there is no customers for four months, for this reason his partner Kaori is understandably overjoyed as soon as a customer lastly contacts them. Together the customer happens to be the highlight Mega City TV newscaster Sayaka, Ryo has actually trouble include his excitement too. Yet while it seems not even Kaori"s wrath deserve to dissuade Ryo native his lecherous antics, things take a much more serious turn once they have to escape a seemingly unlimited stream of rental killers that come ~ them. And when Sayaka"s employers set Ryo up as a kidnapper and killer, Ryo has actually no selection but to get to the bottom the this weird case!

A large new hotel facility is opening and also the City Hunter team is invited. Regrettably for Ryo, he forgot the address so he"s doomed come walk the highways starving, while Kaori and Miki obtain to hog the cost-free food. However, the complex is regulated by a modern supercomputer, which attracts a group of terrorists that take the whole structure hostage. It"s up to Ryo and also Umibouzu to shoot their means in to obtain their re-superstructure of the food... And stop the terrorists prior to they can finish their sinister plan!

A beautiful American blonde who"s on the run from the mob transforms to the City Hunter team for protection, and Kaori and Ryo space weak as soon as it involves million dollar rewards and also smoldering warm clients, respectively. After a couple of rounds the ambushes and sexual harassment, the transaction is starting to look more than a tiny fishy, and Ryo is no usually slow on the uptake, despite appearances would certainly suggest. Certain enough and once again, points are fairly not exactly how they seem: Ryo finds himself tangled in a web of conspiracies and the only method through is led with explosions, gunfire, and stolen lingerie.

Ryo Saeba is a sweeper based in Tokyo"s Shinjuku Ward, who possesses unmatched marksmanship and an over-the-top obsession for the the opposite sex. He and also his partner Kaori Makimura offer as bodyguards and perform other duties because that his clients. Your latest client is Ai Shindo, a model who"s being struck by mysterious people and also unknowingly hold the crucial to a vast city-wide conspiracy.

Ryo Saeba is the City Hunter, a mercenary-for-hire who does the tasks cops won"t touch. Through his parter Kaori, they space hired to safeguard the mystery daughter of a foreign presidential candidate. If Ryo"s perverted actions do tiny to victory the daughter"s trust, his uncanny marksmanship and also skill shortly prove his worth. Ryo"s employee is a good man, and an excellent men have powerful enemies. But powerful as lock are, the concerns remains: did the bad fools carry enough firepower come touch the City Hunter?!

For Banji Suke and also his family, life in one location for much more than a couple of months appears impossible, together the childish antics the both Banji and his father keep getting them kicked out of their neighborhoods! after ~ yet another move, Banji finds himself attending the Amazon Academy, however there"s a catch: since of a mixup, his uniform is... For a girl?! Fearing details humiliation in front of his classmates, that decides to carry out the only wise thing -- masquerade together a woman.

There"s an adage that one man"s garbage is another man"s treasure; however for Kosuke Ueki, one man"s rubbish is another man"s... Tree?! small high school teacher Mr. K is in the to run for the title of Celestial King. Candidates must choose a small high college student to endow strength upon, and then the students might fight each other mercilessly. The victorious student"s benefactor will become the new Celestial King! Kosuke was Mr. K"s choice, and also for his power, he decided the ability to turn trash into trees. Furthermore, if he offers his ability to damage others, he will shed one that his organic talents. Now, Kosuke must battle a range of various other power individuals to aid Mr. K victory it all, every while maintaining his talents intact!

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