Both the players have actually been handed two-year suspended jail sentences because that sharing an explicit video without the consent the a third person.

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Sergi Enrich of SD Eibar in activity during the Liga match in between SD Eibar SAD and also Club Atletico de Madrid in ~ Ipurua Municipal stadion on January 18, 2020. - GETTY images


Spanish striker Sergi Enrich that La Liga side Eibar and also his former teammate Antonio Luna have actually both to be handed two-year suspended jail sentences for sharing one explicit video clip without the consent of a 3rd person, court documents showed top top Tuesday.

The files said the two players, that both played because that Eibar at the time, involved in consensual sexual task with a young mrs in April 2016.

They filmed the episode without she consent and later mutual it with other people via messages on WhatsApp, leading to the video clip appearing online six months later.

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The documents included that the publishing of the video led the young woman, that told the football player to avoid filming during the sex-related act, to experience emotional problems.

She seek professional help and take it medication come cope v the stress.

She additionally took six months of leaving from work.

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The two players were ordered to salary a linked 100,000 euros in legal costs plus an additional 10,000 euros come the victim.

Defendants without a previous conviction are permitted to serve any kind of sentence of two years or under on probation, provided they have committed a non-violent crime.

At the time of the video"s publication, Enrich and Luna exit a explain apologising come the victim and also expressing their regret that it had appeared online.

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They additionally apologised come the victim prior to a court hear in October, i m sorry the judge said brought about a more lenient sentence.

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Enrich, 30, has actually made three La Liga beginning this season for Eibar, scoring once. Luna, 29, left the club in 2017 and now plays for second division Girona.