110. One more name because that a capital expenditure is: A. Revenue expenditure.B. Heritage expenditure.C. Permanent expenditure.D. Contributed capital expenditure.E. Balance sheet expenditure.

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111. Particularly repairs: A. Are revenue expenditures.B. Expand an asset"s beneficial life past its original estimate.C. Are attributed to collected depreciation.D. Are added costs of tree assets that carry out not materially increase the asset"s life.E. Are expensed as incurred.
112. Plain repairs: A. Room expenditures to keep an asset in typical operating condition.B. Are necessary if an legacy is to execute to expectations over its valuable life.C. Space treated as expenses.D. Include cleaning, lubricating, and also normal adjusting.E. Every one of these.
113. Betterments: A. Are expenditures do a plant asset more efficient or productive.B. Are additionally called improvements.C. Execute not constantly increase an asset"s life.D. Are resources expenditures.E. All of these.
114. One asset"s publication value is $18,000 ~ above June 30, 2008. The heritage is being depreciated at an annual rate the $3,000 on the straight-line method. Suspect the legacy is offered on December 31, 2009 because that $15,000, the company should record: A. A ns on sale of $1,500.B. A acquire on revenue of $1,500.C. Neither a get nor a lose is well-known on this type of transaction.D. A get on revenue of $3,000.E. A ns on sale of $3,000.

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115. One asset"s book value is $36,000 ~ above January 1, 2008. The legacy is being depreciated $500 every month making use of the straight-line method. Assuming the legacy is marketed on July 1, 2009 because that $25,000, the agency should record: A. No a gain or ns is known on this form of transaction.B. A get on revenue of $2,000.C. A lose on sale of $1,000.D. A gain on sale of $1,000.E. A ns on sale of $2,000.