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This dramatic story lastly made sense. Zack and Rachel’s relationship is lugged to a exorbitant conclusion, along with Dr. Danny’s obsession over Rachel.


Rachel and Zack save going up the stairs as the facility starts to burn and collapse. Their method is clogged by steel bars the Zack is unable to rest at an initial due to his little panic attack because of the fire neighboring him. With the help of Rachel, that regains his senses and also breaks the bars. Top top their means up, castle pass v some various other obstacles make Zack’s scythe rest in the progress. As soon as they with the top, Rachel asks Zack if that truly desires to death her, and also that she wouldn’t desire him to execute it if that doesn’t desire it as well. The reassures she that he doesn’t do things he doesn’t want and also then Danny arrives and also shoots Rachel in the back. That reveals the he caused the self-destruct structure sequence and also holds Zack in ~ gunpoint come watch ray die, so he will need to live v the knowledge he couldn’t accomplish his promise. Rachel then says to Zack the she doesn’t care if the vow is no fulfilled, just the fact that it to be made in the an initial place keeps her at peace, for this reason he do not do it think himself of a liar either. Danny is jealous of Rachel’s affection towards Zack and also he shoots she again, prepare to kill Zack as well, yet Grey comes in and shoots him with a crossbow. Grey then tells Zack to take it Rachel and also leave in order to save her while Danny still points his gun at Zack’s back.

Episode Highlights

Rachel’s confront when Zack grabbed her: This is hands-down the most lucrative scene we had actually so far on the show. Ns honestly couldn’t think she make that face when I very first saw it. So god cursed cute.

Going up the stairs: The entirety scene of castle going increase the stairs to be very symbolic in a way. Together they ascend their way to ‘freedom’, we get to know why these two personalities complement each other so well, and also the factor for the is: Zack to trust in Rachel and also she believes in him. Rachel provided him a purpose, and he has managed to obtain out the his serial killer mode and also went earlier to being his true self and also Zack do a promise to Rachel that controlled to keep her going. He is no much longer a mindless serial killer and she no much longer mindlessly wants to die. Lock both have a goal now.

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Dr. Danny aka the Undead Doctor: Even though he to be presented together an annoying bad guy that doesn’t seem come die, i think he evolved into a very well-written villain. Yes, he has the unnecessary angry tropes the go along with the whole package however at the finish of the day you view that he is the real reason behind the main character’s problems. You might say that he works as a metaphor for one abusive guardian who desires to defend his ‘kid’ however cannot see through his very own selfishness.

Themes & Trivia

In case you let go it: After then finishing credits the the episode, there is a an extremely emotional recap of whatever that has happened so far in the story. The lyrics of the song playing at the earlier go along so well v the post that it make the efforts to gain out and also one thing that you can have not paid lot attention come is the the title of the episodes do some type of a small dialogue between the characters which is a really nice touch come the entirety atmosphere of the series.


I liked exactly how Grey to be casually acquisition a stroll around the floors when whatever was collapsing. Walk this man have actually no feeling of danger at all, or that just doesn’t give a shit around what wake up to him?

Oh my Lord, the scene of Danny shooting Rachel and Rachel lying on the floor crying was simply a piece of art. Honestly, this display has together beautiful moment that you just can’t aid but love and also appreciate the time they placed into creating them. Stunning visuals.

One much more thing. I would certainly really like to have some type of face video camer from the voice actor of Dr. Danny if he was recording the scene of him gift hesitant around shooting lock or not. All those weird sound made by a real person must it is in a marvel come witness face to face.

I don’t perform anything i don’t desire to do.

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Angels the Death is almost done and I need to say that it was a great adaptation of the original game and also story. It could have been tough for some to follow, yet the storytelling was very nice and rewarding as it got to its end. In the following episode, us will lastly get to see if Zack will certainly actually fulfill his vow or not.

NEXT TIME: protect against crying and smile.

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