I have actually been having actually this very same problem. The only difference is mine computer additionally will not enable me to uninstall urbanbreathnyc.com indigenous Programs and also Features. I would certainly really appreciate a an answer since i cannot download any type of torrents currently. Every this happened after ns deleted a very huge torrent in development of downloading.

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I have actually the same specific problem! and also my computer system will not enable me to uninstall urbanbreathnyc.com indigenous programs; tells me only the Administrator can do it!


I have actually no idea what caused it. My only solution (short-lived) is come reboot and a blog post comes up about the more recent program and I click "NO". This works for a little while then when I try to download something, the message starts increase again.



I am having this exact same problem.

"A more recent version that urbanbreathnyc.com, 7.9.3 develop 40299 is currently installed. Would yo like to downgrade to 7.9.2 construct 38657?

I am leary of comment Yes to together a request. Is it yes, really from urbanbreathnyc.com or a scam?

I have experienced this ~ above a pair of papers recently, I execute not recognize if the happens because that all.

I did go to urbanbreathnyc.com and also load the most current version and still have actually the same messge.

I will go back and check out if ns can get the larger version straight there.

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What"s going on is that the associations you have actually for torrents is pointing at the dorn location.

Run the existing version the urbanbreathnyc.com and also reset the associations to point at the brand-new version.

Thank you, Harold.


BUT exactly how DO friend RESET THE ASSOCIATIONs TO suggest AT THE new VERSION?


In various other words , as soon as the blog post comes up, us should click on "NO" and Then What?


Thanks in advance for youe response.

What"s walking on is the the associations you have for torrents is pointing in ~ the dorn location.

Run the existing version that urbanbreathnyc.com and also reset the associations to point at the brand-new version.

A more recent Version the urbanbreathnyc.com Is already Running. Please, Shut down Bitorrent And try Again

Please explain on exactly how to operation the current version of urbanbreathnyc.com and also reset the associations to point at the brand-new version.

I"ve controlled to resolve this concern this way: I"ve ran urbanbreathnyc.com with bureaucratic privileges and then ns clicked on correctly in order to downgrade come previous version. After the I checked out Help-> check for updates and upgraded come newest version. Because then it functions perfectly fine. I guess urbanbreathnyc.com wasn"t may be to readjust a paper or something since of permissions, in bespeak to upgrade the version.

I go that and got the error post popup : " little bit Torrent failed come update. Please shot again. " Then when I did, this message: " agree install in progress. Updates will be available shortly." climate "Downloading the pro Package failed. Link closed by peer."

Moreover i can"t uninstall little bit Torrent (and climate reinstall), as I obtain this message: "You carry out not have sufficient access to uninstall little bit Torrent. Please contact your system administrator. " Well, ns am the sys admin ~ above my very own PC ! other programs install and uninstall.

Is this Microsoft messing with our torrent software ? Or is BT crap ?


I found a method around this. Once the post comes increase click ok. Then walk to urbanbreathnyc.com, to paper then include Torrent. Then browse and also select your torrent from her downloads folder. Expect this helps. 

I established how to settle this properly. Press control+alt+delete and also then click task manger. After ~ that find bit torrent in job manger and click on it. Then click the "end task" button and also this will enable you come run bit torrent again.

I might have found a permanent fix because that this problem.

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Simply go to urbanbreathnyc.com program document (it"s "C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\urbanbreathnyc.com"). There, you"ll uncover a "updates" folder. Open up it and also you"ll see two or more urbanbreathnyc.com .exe documents with different version numbers. The file names will be something like "7.9.6_XXXXX" (these critical numbers = version number). Delete the files with lower version numbers and leave the one with the greater number, i beg your pardon is the many recent version. 

It functioned for me, yet even if the doesn"t solve your problem, the hazard of damaging the application by law this is minimal due to the fact that those are older version anyway.