AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR — “USA vs. WORLD” — Pictured: ago Row (l-r) Kenji Takahashi, Masashi Hioki, Yusuke Morimoto, Ryo Matachi, Tomo Kawaguchi, Sean McColl, Alexander Mars, Tim Shieff, Stefano Ghisolfi, Tim Champion; Front row (l-r) Kevin Bull, attracted Drechsel, Geoff Britten, Isaac Caldiero, Ian Dory — (Photo by: David Becker/NBC)

The third annual American Ninja Warrior: USA Vs. The World difficulty will attribute five-man groups from the U.S., Europe and Japan. They will contend on the first three stages of the ras Vegas Mt. Mt. Midoriyama course.

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This year’s Team USA will attribute the first two ninja athletes to scale stage four in ras Vegas: Isaac Calderon and Geoff Britten.

American Ninja Warrior: USA Vs. The civilization is a three-hour event that NBC will televised live from las Vegas top top Sunday, January 31, 2016 (8/7C). Monitor the jump because that more.

TOP NINJA WARRIORS collection FOR battle IN NBC’S annual THREE-HOUR unique ‘USA VS. THE WORLD’ AIRING SUNDAY, JAN. 31 (8-11 afternoon ET/PT)

Ninja Athletes From around the globe Will complete in groups of five

Team USA features “American Ninja Warrior” Winner Isaac Caldiero and also Runner-Up Geoff Britten in addition to Impressive Veteran rivals Kevin Bull, attracted Drechsel, Ian Dory and also Joe Moravsky

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — Dec. 16, 2015 — NBC will current its 3rd annual high-stakes global competition “American Ninja Warrior: USA Vs. The World” on Sunday, Jan. 31 in ~ 8-11 p.m. ET/PT. Three separate teams indigenous America, Europe and also Japan will complete in las Vegas top top the an initial three step of Mt. Midoriyama, the famous four-stage finals course featured in “American Ninja Warrior.”

Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila are collection to host and also Kristine Leahy will certainly co-host.

This year Team USA features five new members hope to bring home the winner’s trophy. Leading the team is “American Ninja Warrior” champ and also $1 million winner Isaac Caldiero and impressive runner-up, Geoff Britten. They made background on the seventh season that “American Ninja Warrior” together the an initial two competitors to range stage 4 in ras Vegas in June. Rounding out the team room worthy veterans and also top ninja warrior competitors Kevin Bull, drew Drechsel, Ian Dory and also Joe Moravsky. After last year’s shocking loss come Team Europe, this ninjas are looking to reclaim the title that slipped away.

Team Japan is looking for redemption after last season’s disappointing showdown. Their team features a mix of new and returning rivals led through Ryo Matachi and also Yusuke Morimoto, both of whom completed in last year’s special. Additional team members encompass Kenji Takahashi, Masashi Hioki and Tomohiro Kawaguchi. All of these worthy rivals are veterans that “Sasuke,” the Japanese version of “American Ninja Warrior.”

Team Europe features three returning rivals — France’s Sean McColl and also Italy’s Stefano Ghisolfi, both that whom are world-class rock climbers, along with England’s Tim Shieff, a human being champion free runner and the height performer in the united kingdom version of “Ninja Warrior.” The two brand-new team members include Tim Champion, a top gymnast indigenous England, and also Alexander Mars, the winner that the Swedish variation of “Ninja Warrior.”

Contestants will certainly tackle “American Ninja Warrior’s” punishing las Vegas finals course in a head-to-head format that pits members from each team against one another.

Based ~ above the worldwide hit “Sasuke,” from Tokyo Broadcasting mechanism Television, the original series is in production for its 31st season and four contestants have actually completed the course. The collection is executive-produced through A. Blacksmith & Co. Productions’ founders Arthur Smith and Kent Weed (“Hell’s Kitchen,” “Unsung,” “Ellen’s design Challenge”), together with Brian Richardson and also Anthony Storm. “American Ninja Warrior” is a co-production in between Esquire Network and NBC.

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