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OverviewAmerideserve to Horror Story starts as a horror anthology series. The initially season, Murder Housage, follows the story of a dysuseful, not-quite-likable household who take up residence in a haunted home. The second seaboy, Asylum, is based in the 1960’s in the Briarcliff Mental Institution. It complies with the experiences of both the patients and caregivers within the college created to treat the criminally insane. The third seachild, Crange, captures an ongoing battle in between voodoo followers and a coven of witches over two centuries. Each season is self-had and also have the right to be taken into consideration a mini-series.

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Amerideserve to Horror Story: ApocalypseDVD Release Date Sep 24, 2019UPC: 024543625544


Amerideserve to Horror Story - Coven: The Complete Third SeasonDVD Release Date
Oct 7, 2014UPC: 024543930525
Amerideserve to Horror Story - Coven: The Complete Third Seakid Blu-ray Release Date
Oct 7, 2014UPC: 024543930549
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