Most recognized for their 2006 record ‘The loss Of Ideals’ are metalcore legends All that Remains. Even though they have changed their layout from time come time most of their fans decided to keep on sustaining them. And also that isn’t without great reason. Nevertheless of layout they have constantly managed to be kick ass at it and also I obtained a feeling that the up and also coming album ‘Victim the The brand-new Disease’ will certainly go under in metalcore history as one of the finest releases indigenous at least the year 2018 if no more!


First let’s talk around the track that got the entire neighborhood suprised. And also I don’t mean a small suprised, very suprised. With the release of ”Fuck Love” via their very own channel ~ above the 28th that September they got everyone excited because that what was next. This right right here is the dark and also heavy next of All the Remains that civilization felt in love with. It sounds prefer it is coming directly from the 2006 core scene, the holds simply a couple of lyrics and the meaning is super clear. And also to make points ever much better ”Fuck Love” is the perfect sing along for when your the atmosphere is just right.

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Next is 3rd track ”Blood i Spill”. Prior to even opening the track ns knew it would certainly sound insane. You either realise the while looking at the tune name or right after girlfriend heard 1 2nd of the intro riff. I beg your pardon gets followed up by even heavier vocal style. Intros the showcase every single aspect of the band separately and then moment later present you what castle sound like merged are the best. Friend instantly understand what friend are acquiring yourself into. And the rest, well you willl get to gain that after her pre order has come through.

”I supposed What ns Said” is everything you were lacking so far. It switches in between softer and harder vocals in ~ the best moments feasible and the groove is amazing. You simply know that this will certainly be one epic song live. With the group singing along to the catchy text while other deserve to start a moshpit once the songs starts to rest down. Likewise you obtained to admire the vibe they produced with this song. It is tough to nail down exactly yet it comes from a crushed spirit without a doubt. And also that along side of the song catchiness space the 2 things that keep ”I meant What ns Said” alive.

Besides needing to check out ‘The fall Of Ideals’ and now ‘Victim of The new Disease’ you additionally got to check out some of their older and lesser known records. To contact their roots and also to obtain a feeling on just how it every started and on how they progressed by time. V their 2017 album ‘Madness’ they display how catchy and well written they space as a band and after listening to ‘Overcome’ you instantly realise wherein their root come from.

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And knowing the you have the right to honor the fatality of guitarist Oli Herbert through trying the end or relistening to albums that is a large part the is something i can’t describe. We understand that Oli, just like the entire band, is incredibly proud to put out your upcoming album ‘Victim the A brand-new Disease’ via Fearless!

Pre-order ‘Victim of The brand-new Disease’!

All the Remains:

Philip Labonte – vocalsMike martin – guitarOli Herbert – guitarAaron Patrick – bassJason Costa – drums