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"All the I obtained Is You" is the solo debut single by Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ghostface Killah, released as the lead single from his solo debut album Ironman. The song attributes R&B singer mary J. Blige and an outro which has actually Popa Wu providing teachings. It contains a sample the "Maybe Tomorrow" by The Jackson 5 and also audio clips indigenous the cult movie The education and learning of Sonny Carson. Ghostface created the song as a tribute come his mother, through that both depict the harsh life the two struggled through together throughout his childhood and praise her capability to raise him also in their downtrodden state. ranked it #87 top top their list of the top 100 rap Songs. Ghostface included the song to his best hits album Shaolin"s Finest and on the compilation album The RZA Hits.more »

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What dey gives you blood? 3 months manWhatchu doin" in below anyway? friend oughta be home with your mommaHow old room you boy? ThirteenThirteen? Damn, the bastards have to be runnin" outta niggaz to arrestYeah, five yeah, this goes the end to all the familiesThat went with the struggleYeah, from the heartIt was from the heart, every little thing was realAll the I got is youAnd I"m therefore thankful ns made it throughYo, dwellin" in the past, flashbacks when I to be youngWhoever assumed that I"d have actually a baby girl and three sonsI"m goin" with this an overwhelming stage, I discover it tough to believeWhy my old earth had so countless seedsBut she"s an old woman and due to me, i respect thatI saw life for what it"s really worth and took a action backFamily ain"t family no more, we offered to pat ballEggs after school, eat grits "cause us was poorGrab the pliers for the channel, solve the hanger top top the TVRockin" each others trousers to school wasn"t easyWe endured winters, snotty nosed through no coatsWe retained it real, however the older brother still had actually jokesSadly, daddy left me at the period of sixI didn"t recognize nuttin" yet mommy neatly packed his shitShe cried, and also grandma organized the family members downI guess mommy wasn"t strong enough, she just went downCheck it, fifteen of united state in a 3 bedroom apartmentRoaches everywhere, cousins and aunts to be thereFour in the bed, two at the foot, 2 at the headI didn"t choose to sleep through Jon Jon, that peed the bedSeven o"clock, pluckin" roaches the end the cereal boxSome common the same spoon, watchin" Saturday cartoonsSugar water was our thing, every enjoy the meal was no thrillIn the summer, totally free lunch hosted us down choose steelAnd there was days, I had to go to Tex home with a noteStating, "Gloria can I borrow some food I"m dead broke"So embarrasin", ns couldn"t stand to knock on castle doorMy friends could be laughin", I spent stamps in storesMommy, where"s the toilet paper, usage the newspaperLook Ms. Rose offered us a couch, she"s the neighborThings to be deep, my entirety youth to be sharper than cleatsTwo brothers v muscular dystrophy, it eliminated meBut ns remember this, mom"s would lick she finger tipsTo wipe the cold out my eye before school wit her spitCase worker had actually her runnin" ago to challenge to faceI recorded a case, housin" tried come throw us out of our placeSometimes ns look up at the stars and also analyze the skyAnd ask myself was I meant to it is in here, why?Yeah, yoAll the I acquired is youAnd I"m so thankful ns made the throughAll the I obtained is youAnd I"m for this reason thankful ns made it throughAll the I got is youAnd I"m for this reason thankful ns made that throughAll the I acquired is youAnd I"m for this reason thankful i made the throughWord increase mommy, i love youWord upIt was all you, word, you lugged me in favor thisI sit and think around all the times we did without, yeahI constantly said ns wouldn"t cry once I saw tears in her eyesI know that daddy"s not here nowBut some means or somehow, i will constantly be around, yeahAll points that ns did native this come themOh, from medicine to being thereBeing down and out and also I love girlfriend alwaysYeah, you speak you check out the universeWhich consists of the sun, moon and also starAnd them planets, the exist in mine spaceLike man woman and child, you understand?We obtained to store it real, and also what realityAnd fact will save it real with usI remember them good ol" daysBecause see, that"s the kid I wasWhat made me the male I am todaySee "cause if you forget whereby you come from, hehehYou"re never ever gonna make it wherein you"re goin", ahehBecause you shed the truth of yourselfSo, take one stroll v your mindAnd check out what you will certainly findAnd you"ll check out a whole universe anywhere againAnd again and again and again and also againHeheheh, yeah, heheheheh, aha, heheheh

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Ghostface Killah Dennis Coles (born might 9, 1970), far better known through his phase name Ghostface Killah, is an American rapper and prominent member that the Wu-Tang Clan. After ~ the group completed breakthrough success in the aftermath of enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), the members went on to pursue solo careers to varying levels the success. Ghostface Killah debuted his solo-career v Ironman in 1996, which to be well received by music critics. The has ongoing his success over the following years v critically acclaimed albums such as supreme Clientele (2000) and FishScale (2006).

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His phase name to be taken from one of the personalities in the 1979 kung fu film secret of Chessboxing. An ext »