At the height of the night, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys and also Kelly Clarkson all had actually one clues left on your teams, and also Adam Levine had actually two.


The blind Auditions involved a near on The Voice season 14 tonight. In ~ the optimal of the night, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson all had one point out left on your teams, and also Adam Levine had actually two. There to be no blocks left.

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The an initial artist hope to secure one of the last few spots to be Genesis Diaz, who sang “Praying” through Kesha. It was an ambitious tune choice, however Diaz sang it pretty close to the initial recording and delivered strong emotion. Levine and Shelton both turned for a showdown. Diaz join Team Adam, putting every one of the coaches on the exact same playing field.

Next up, Sharane Calister sang “Make that Rain” by Ed Sheeran. She included grit and intensity come the song, prompting keys to push her button right away; Clarkson ultimately followed. Calister to be a tricks fan, so the was an easy choice: She join Team Alicia. Just like that, Keys’ team was officially full for the season.


Dallas Caroline, a teenager artist native California, sang “Always On mine Mind” through Willie Nelson. She dedicated her track to those influenced by wildfires in she hometown. The country performance an initial caught the ear of Levine and also Clarkson, who clearly wanted come snag a country artist from Shelton’s grip. Yet then Shelton turned, and also Caroline join Team Blake, filling Shelton’s team.

The next artist, Allen pride Bowser, failed to turn any kind of chairs through his performance of “What girlfriend Won’t do For Love.” This is the part of the blind Auditions when the coaches begin to obtain really picky.

Singing “Peter Pan” by Kelsea Ballerini, Jackie Verna was up next. Music play an instrumental role in she recovery after ~ a serious car accident. She gave a nation performance, and since Shelton was out of the running, Levine and also Clarkson had actually their chance. Yet only Levine turned, so Verna join his team by default. Team Adam was full. Only Clarkson to be left top top the hunt at this point.

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Amber Sauer to be the last artist come audition this season, to sing “Shape the You” through Ed Sheeran. She lugged a lot of of energy to the performance, yet Clarkson to be the only coach in play and she appeared hesitant at first. When Sauer proved she had the selection and technological skills, she lastly hit her button. All four season 14 groups were lastly full.