Butch Davis’ team gone into Saturday’s contest as two-score underdogs, having not winner a road game in 1,042 days. Through 3 quarters, the Panthers were well on their means to finishing the streak the dates earlier to November that 2018.

After FIU (1-3, 0-0) took a 27-10 lead into the fourth quarter, Chippewas head coach Jim McElwain turned to former starting quarterback Daniel Richardson, that responded by going 16-of-23 passing for 276 yards and three touchdowns in the 2nd half, including a game-winning five-play, 80-yard journey that ended with Richardson finding receiver Dallas Dixon because that the go-ahead 27-yard touchdown reception the gave central Michigan (2-2, 0-0) its an initial lead due to the fact that midway with the opening quarter.

The Panthers were able come muster a last drive that offered the team a opportunity at a final hail mary toss right into the endzone, however Max Bortenschlager’s pass fell safely right into the wait arms that CMU defensive ago Donte Kent — sending out FIU to its worst begin to the season due to the fact that 2016 — and also heads earlier to south Florida to take on competitor Florida Atlantic.

Let’s take it a look at four takeaways native a disappointed loss against central Michigan, that pipeline FIU in desperate require of a win.

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Fourth Quarter

Butch Davis consistently preaches needing consistency native his football team. In gamings that FIU has actually lost by chop margins, a speak of his has actually been “Sometimes, you acquire what friend deserve.”

There’s no doubt the FIU play well enough to win in mount Pleasant — simply not long sufficient to certain the success on the road. FIU take it a 27-10 lead late in the third quarter on Rishard Dames’ blocked punt and subsequent recovery for a touchdown. In the final 15 minute of play, the Panthers allowed Richardson to happen for over 200 yards and also three touchdowns. On offense, FIU controlled three punts, a badly-missed 28-yard field goal effort by chase Gabriel off the ideal hash and the interception to finish the game.

On FIU’s penultimate drive of the game, Davis chose on 3rd-and-two to shot and pass and put main Michigan away. From the Chippewas 49-yard-line, Bortenschlager fired a happen to Tyrese Chambers, yet it to be knocked away — preventing the clock as FIU was required to punt. CMU responded with the game-winning drive adhering to the decision.


The Panthers’ violation looked past anemic in the opening period of play. With 15 minutes, FIU had actually zero very first downs and also zero yards of complete offense. On the team’s second drive of the second quarter dealing with a 2nd-and-12, Bortenschlager uncovered Chambers downfield for a 45-yard to win to placed them in CMU territory. Chambers would certainly cap the FIU drive by hauling in a 31-yard touchdown. The FCS transfer ended the day with his an initial 100-yard day in ~ the FBS level, finishing through six records for 175 yards and a touchdown. Redshirt senior Bryce Singleton also noted a spark v a 76-yard capture — the longest record of his career. He ended the afternoon with six grabs because that 173 yards.

Special groups Miscues

Davis has actually long taught the worth of unique teams, going ago to his time together head coach at Miami. Saturday’s loss was very much a mixed bag. However, the unit certainly played a variable in the result of the game. Gabriel let go the 28-yard kick the would have put FIU ahead by seven and leaving the violation in need of a field goal, rather of a touchdown in the last moments. The defense on Gabriel’s third-quarter extra point try broke down, resulting in the PAT gift blocked. Singleton had fantastic game as a receiver, yet an weird bounce on a punting return ricocheted off of his right shoulder, providing CMU an opportunity before fifty percent to score. Central Michigan beginning quarterback Jacob Sirmon found Dixon in the endzone v 10 secs left in the very first half to carry CMU within four, instead of FIU entering the intermission ahead 14-3. While punter Tommy Heatherly had a solid afternoon and also Dames had actually the punt block and score, the miscues on special teams aided keep CMU around for much longer than they should have been.

Max Bortenschlager

After great opening-day performance versus Long Island, FIU quarterback Max Bortenschlager had two subpar performances against Texas State and also Texas Tech. In the opened quarter that play versus CMU, that looked together if Bortenschlager to be on his means to a 3rd consecutive video game of struggles. He was sacked double in the an initial quarter and five times overall. However, when listed time, the Maryland carry was may be to affix on the abovementioned deep balls to Chambers and also Singleton. The finished through a career-high 395 yards, the most by a Panthers’ quarterback since Paul McCall passed because that over 400 yards against Florida Atlantic in 2008. FIU will certainly still need much more consistency, as Bortenschlager perfect 20-of-37 because that 395 yards v two touchdowns and also one interception.

Run Game

Arguably the many disappointing facet of the ns offensively was the absence of running game. D’Vonte Price was held to 57 yards ~ above 17 carries, as the CMU defense never ever let Price build a rhythm. Back-up running ago Shaun Peterson Jr. Had 40 yards on nine carries. Taking away an 11-yard obtain by Price and also a 12-yarder by Peterson Jr., FIU’s backs were organized for quick gains transparent the afternoon.

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It’s difficult to argue that the absence of success in the run video game didn’t pat a element in Davis’ decision to happen late in the ball game.