Addison Russell bound the urbanbreathnyc.comngle-game record for RBIs in a World series game in the 3rd inning of game 6.

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Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell belted a grand slam the traveled 434 feet off Dan Otero in the third inning of game 6 of the World series against the Cleveland Indians.

Russell tied the urbanbreathnyc.comngle-game record for RBIs in a World series game with his 6 RBIs ~ above the night.

Watch Russell's home run below:

It is the an initial grand slam urbanbreathnyc.comnce Paul Konerko that the White Sox fight a grand slam in game 2 that the 2005 people Series. Russell is the an initial shortstop to hit a grand slam in the civilization Series.

Timeless: Cubs-Indians World series one because that the ages

Mickey Mantle (21 year old, 349 days) is the only player younger Russell (22 year old, 283 days) v a grand slam in the civilization Series, follow to Christopher Kamka of CSN Chicago.

The Cubs are looking to pressure a game 7 as the Indians command the collection 3–2.


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