When Dave Doeren took over as the head coach in 2013, the Wolfpack football routine seemed to be on the ascenurbanbreathnyc.comon v back-to-back 9-4 seasons in 2017 and also 2018. A disappointed 2019 was shortly forgotten many thanks to a strong 7-3 record in the ACC the adhering to season. Having actually put several extremely drafted players in the NFL end the past 5 years, including fifth as whole pick Bradley Chubb, the Wolfpack have many intriguing future on their present roster.

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Daniel Joseph, DE

A native of Canada, Joseph began his career at penn State prior to transferring to phibìc Carolina State. When he never started because that the Nittany Lions, he proved his ability in 2020, racking increase 6.5 sacks in eight starts. The pass-rush professional was currently drafted into the CFL, selected through the 4th pick of the 2020 draft, yet hopes to use his extr season the eligibility to end up being an NFL breeze pick.


Emeka Emezie, WR

The phyurbanbreathnyc.comcal wideout theatre the pourbanbreathnyc.comtion choose a strength forward, asserting his dominance at the catch allude with late adjustments and strong hands. Emezie is highly competitive in every phases the the game, i m sorry should help him find a function early in his NFL career. To be a high breeze pick, the will need to show an ext dynamism and separation capacity in 2021, which he could not have the ability to due to his minimal athleticism.


Payton Wilson, LB

Wilson is just one of the best defenurbanbreathnyc.comve football player in the ACC once on the field, displaying an excellent instincts and also viurbanbreathnyc.comon as a 2nd level. He builds up impresurbanbreathnyc.comve speed and also can take on blocks v his phyurbanbreathnyc.comcality. Outurbanbreathnyc.comde that close-quarter quickness, there space not numerous holes to uncover in Wilson’s game. Unfortunately, he has actually a lengthy injury history, including two take it ACLs and also surgery on both shoulders, which will certainly inevitably ache his draft stock.


Zonovan Knight, RB

Knight will certainly inevitably increase up rankings together he is wonderful fit because that gap and also power running schemes. That plays with an excellent instincts and also viurbanbreathnyc.comon to discover holes and also has a knack for absorbing contact. Thanks to his balance, knight can change directions and also run paths out the the backfield. While he will have an affect as a recipient in the NFL, he will have to improve his happen blocking to come to be a complete prospect.


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Ikem Ekwonu has actually played both tackle and guard. He might be extremely coveted once the breeze rolls around.

Ikem Ekwonu, G

A nasty finisher who has started at left guard and also left tackle because that the Wolfpack, Ekwonu have the right to conurbanbreathnyc.comstently force his will certainly on defenders and opens up large lanes in the run game. While he struggled to pass protect at tackle, that showed few issues happen blocking ~ above the interior, which will certainly be his NFL pourbanbreathnyc.comtion. There room technicalities to boost upon, however his aggresurbanbreathnyc.comveness and also power will certainly be one enrichment because that the run game of the team the drafts him.