The ad Council is whereby creativity and causes converge. We use the power of communications to handle the most pressing worries facing the country. We lug together the brightest mental in media, tech, advertising, entertainment and marketing to build campaigns that accumulate action—and adjust lives.

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It’s as much as You: ours COVID-19 Vaccine education Initiative

By bringing together the worlds of communications, media, business, and public health and wellness to develop vaccine confidence, we can transform life as we understand it today and save hundreds of thousands the lives.


The advertisement Council was started as a national nonprofit in 1942 v the id that an imaginative marketing have the right to solve complicated social issues. We partner with the most innovative advertisers, the best storytellers, and the most powerful platforms to relocate the nation forward.

We have a singular purpose: do a measurable difference in people’s lives. By using a research-based strategy to build the right technique for the ideal audience, we’re changing mindsets and also spurring movements.

Our Commitment come Anti-Racism and also Racial equity

The ad Council is firmly and unequivocally committed to fighting systemic racism, injustice and anti-Blackness, in ~ our walls and in the work we create, not simply today, however every day.


We lug together the right team because that every cause. The ad Council’s unique network the partners throughout media and also tech, marketing, entertainment and also advertising, government and the non-profit world enables us come create change that no other organization can.
The boost in the number of people who say they intended to assistance Feeding America since our project launched in 2008.

On February 25th, the job the advertisement Council and COVID collaborative announced the platform for our vaccine education initiative, “It’s approximately You,” Stephen Colbert joked top top The so late Show, “Okay, that’s a quite sentiment, but ‘it’s as much as you’ is why we have actually this problem—we require everyone to acquire vaccinated.” that went top top to imply some absurd alternating slogans.

Ahead of summer out recreation season, our find the Forest campaign launched brand-new PSAs encouraging parents and also caregivers to take their families out come the woodland to experience and also reconnect with nature. The PSAs finish in a singular ask: make the forest component of your family’s story.

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In the summer of 2020, a huge number that brands and also corporations rushed to show the human being that lock were component of the country’s reckoning end systemic racism. Part took legitimate, optimistic steps and shared their initiatives in honest, coherent ways; others placed out faint platitudes and also were quickly dubbed out for their lack of actual measurable action.