Packers\" Aaron Rodgers throws throughout the second fifty percent Sunday in Arlington, Texas. 


GREEN only — it wasn’t completely drawn increase in the dirt — er, Matrix synthetic Turf — of at & t Stadium. There was no, “Davante, you run a button-hook in ~ the fire hydrant” or “Randall, you run a square-in in ~ the blue Chevy.”

But make no mistake: the 36-yard Aaron Rodgers-to-Jared chef completion that collection up the winning 51-yard Mason Crosby field goal to send the eco-friendly Bay Packers to the NFC Championship Game? Yeah, that was Rodgers, the Packers quarterback and also unofficial NFL improv king, conjuring increase a play virtually out of thin air.

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“If we discover a means to gain open,” veteran broad receiver Randall Cobb said Monday, quiet in awe, “he’ll discover a way to struggle us.”

And that’s precisely what taken place at the finish of the Packers’ 34-31 victory over the Dallas Cowboys — a win that collection up Sunday’s showdown through the Atlanta Falcons in ~ the Georgia Dome, through a berth in Super key LI top top the line. The pitch and catch between Rodgers and also Cook — one exquisite throw paired v a great sideline tip-toe record — was in truth “streetball,” together Rodgers’ defined it in his postgame news conference.

Although Packers coach Mike McCarthy walk radio in to Rodgers what he dubbed a “menu” of protection calls because that the offensive line and also route ideas for the receivers, Cobb wondered even if it is Rodgers even heard McCarthy’s proposal in his helmet, offered the deafening din of 93,396 screaming fans. Rather, it appeared Rodgers simply told his males what to run and more or less had to soup it.

In fact, from an overhead angle, FOX Sports’ cameras caught Rodgers gesturing to tell Cook, Cobb, Davante Adams and also Trevor Davis which courses to run while left handle David Bakhtiari motioned come tell his quarterback the play-clock was winding down.

“He provided Jared and also Davante routes, and then he to be running out of time, for this reason he said me and also (Davis) just to operation out left,” Cobb recounted. “It’s no the first time it’s happened. (But) the the very first time it’s happened in that sort of moment.”

The Packers damaged the huddle ~ above the third-and-20 play with 12 seconds left in regulation. Rodgers take it the snap, spun through his ago to the heat of scrimmage and also took turn off to his left. He slowed his rollout come look come Cobb across the middle, then increased again prior to throwing across his body to Cook, that made a fabulous capture at the Dallas 32-yard line the stood as much as replay-booth testimonial with 3 seconds remaining, setting the phase for Crosby.

“We had Davante type of clearing out, ‘Cookie’ and ‘Cobbie’ coming from the earlier side. It cleared up the means we were hoping it would protection-wise,” Rodgers stated after the game. “(Left guard) lane (Taylor) was out there in front blocking because that me and also I took my eyes back inside to Randall — thought about throwing it to him — and also that allowed ‘Cookie’ to acquire on the earlier side of the defender. The made a an excellent catch.

“We do those throws prior to in exercise so it to be a issue of trusting her muscle memory and your training and thinking about a positive photo when you’re breaking the huddle and executing the best way.”

McCarthy defined it Monday as slightly much more impressive than the simple, ho-hum snapshot Rodgers do the efforts to attract after the game.

“It’s among the biggest plays that you’ll ever before see in that final 2-minute (drill),” stated McCarthy, who calls the 2-minute the “final eight” plays. “The orchestration and also the defense call, the course concept, (Rodgers walk a) great, good job through it.

“He orchestrates the drive. The capacity to change the protection specifically on the last play (was) outstanding. The crossing route ide (he chose) comes from the various other side, the an outstanding selection by him. And also with that, the execution is fantastic.”

Although McCarthy said he did talk to Rodgers through the coach-to-quarterback radio system, Cobb said Rodgers “probably didn’t hear it. Ns mean, we’re running the end of time, he’s trying to process a many times, listen the beat call, check the clock. We’re yelling at him, telling him the pat clock is to run down.”

“We’ve acquired a an excellent repertoire that plays for the end of the video game — whether it’s the well-publicized Hail Marys or the various other plays we’ve hit over the year — to attract from,” Rodgers said. “We picked that one out and we executed well at the many important component of the game.”

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Nelson had the ability to go v the team’s regeneration workout Monday, and Burnett, that left the video game with a quadriceps injury, go not show up to be moving all that gingerly.