When attorney Jose Baez very first met Aaron Hernandez in 2016, the former NFL star was currently serving life in prison. The then-26-year-old had actually been arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd, an acquaintance, in 2013, after ~ three periods with the new England Patriots. Now, he required a lawyer for one more indictment, entailing an previously double-homicide.... Check out More

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Aaron Hernandez, the former star NFL tight finish for the brand-new England Patriots, is accused of shooting and killing his one-time girlfriend Odin Lloyd in the at an early stage morning hrs of June 17 in an commercial park in phibìc Attleboro, Massachusetts. The murder investigation has carried to light a an extensive and troubling background of guns, gangs, and also violence for the sports star native Bristol, Connecticut, i beg your pardon is additionally the residence of ESPN. Hernandez was arrested together with two other men in link with Lloyd’s death and also he encounters first-degree murder charges. Read More



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