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An uninterruptible power supply (UPS), likewise known as a battery backup, gives backup power when your regular power resource falls short or voltage drops to an unacceptable level. A UPS allows for the safe, orderly shutdvery own of a computer and linked devices. The dimension and style of a UPS identify just how lengthy it will certainly supply power.

UPS Topologies

Different UPS topologies administer particular levels of power security. A CyberPower UPS will certainly belengthy to one of these three topologies: standby, line interactive, and also double-convariation.

Standby is the the majority of standard UPS topology. A standby UPS resorts to battery backup power in the occasion of prevalent power difficulties such as a blackout, voltage sag, or voltage surge. When incoming utility power drops listed below or surges above safe voltage levels, the UPS switches to DC battery power and also then inverts it to AC power to run linked devices. These models are designed for customer electronic devices, entry-level computer systems, POS systems, defense devices, and also other standard electronic devices.

A line interactive UPS incorporates modern technology which enables it to correct minor power fluctuations (under-voltperiods and over voltages) without switching to battery. This type of UPS has an autotransformer that regulates low volteras (e.g., brownouts) and over voltperiods (e.g., swells) without having to switch to battery. Line interactive UPS models are commonly used for consumer electronics, PCs, gaming devices, home theater electronic devices, netoccupational devices, and entry-to-mid-range servers. They provide power throughout such events as a blackout, voltage sag, voltage surge, or over-voltage.

A double-convariation (online) UPS offers consistent, clean, and near perfect power regardmuch less of the condition of incoming power. This UPS converts incoming AC power to DC, and then back to AC. UPS devices with this innovation run on isolated DC power 100 percent of the time and also have a zero deliver time because they never have to switch to DC power. Double-convariation UPS systems are designed to safeguard mission-important IT tools, data center installations, high-end servers, large telecom installations and storage applications, and also progressed network-related tools from damage resulted in by a power blackout, voltage sag, voltage surge, over voltage, voltage spike, frequency noise, frequency variation, or harmonic distortion.

UPS output waveforms

CyberPower UPS systems have either sine wave or simulated sine wave output, depending on the version.


Sine wave output: The highest top quality wavecreate output is sine wave, which is a smooth, repetitive oscillation of AC power. Enterprise-level UPS devices produce sine wave power to run sensitive digital devices. Sine wave output ensures that devices using Active PFC power provides carry out not shut down when switching from energy power to battery power.

Simulated sine wave output: An approximated sine wave output wavedevelop. It offers pulse wave modulation to geneprice a stepped, approximated sine wave to supply more cost-efficient battery backup power for equipment that does not require sine wave output. The modern technology used to produce this type of power output is much less expensive to manufacture and is prevalent in standby and line interenergetic UPS units.

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Where can you learn more?

CyberPower offers standby, line interenergetic, and also double-conversion UPS services. Find information around our UPS systems below.