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“You wanna snort, Steve? A toot? It’s goin’ round.”

With the current reunion of Ringo Starr and also Paul McCartney ~ above the Grammy Awards, i was reminded that A Toot and also a Snore in ‘74 a bootleg album that the single recording conference that john Lennon and also Paul McCartney participated in after ~ the break-up of The Beatles.

Lennon, who was in his “lost weekend” phase of drinking and drugging—and life with may Pang in Los Angeles—was producing Harry Nilsson’s Pussy cat album in ~ Burbank Studios. Top top the very first night the the sessions, march 28, 1974, Paul and Linda McCartney verified up. Additionally present to be Stevie Wonder, bother Nilsson, Jesse Ed Davis, might Pang, saxophonist Bobby Keys and record producer Ed Freeman (who had actually been working through Don McLean in the following door studio).

There was a bit of a “convivial” scene going on, together one could gather from the bootleg’s title. McCartney later on remarked that the “session to be hazy… because that a variety of reasons.”

In his 2006 biography, McCartney, Christopher Sandford defined the situation:

“The room froze as soon as McCartney to walk in, and also remained perfect silent until Lennon said, ‘Valiant Paul McCartney, i presume?’ McCartney responded: ‘Sir Jasper Lennon, i presume?’ (Valiant Paul and Sir Jasper were characters played through the two, in a televised Christmas play early on in the Beatles’s career). McCartney expanded a hand, Lennon shook it, and also the mood was pleasant but subdued, cordial however not specifically warm, at the very least initially.”

May Pang’s 1983 book, Loving man offered an ext detail:

Our an initial session was scheduled for the job after we moved in and it went beautifully- so beautifully the it just took four hours to lay down the basic rhythm track and also vocal come “Subterranean Homesick Blues”. Once the tracks to be finished, the musicians did not want to go home, for this reason they hung out, jamming through each other or practicing their own licks. In ~ midnight, yet Keith and also Ringo left. It to be time for them come hit the town.

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The jam ongoing for another fifty percent hour, then tourists arrived. The tourists were Paul and also Linda McCartney.

Paul headed straight for John. “Hello John,” he stated eagerly.

John however was a research in casualness.

“How space you Paul?” he responded softly.

“Fine, how about you?”


“Hi duckie,” Linda claimed to John, kissing him on the cheek.

“Hello Linda.”

John and also Paul made little talk together if they had been speaking on the phone two or 3 times a day and also had spoken a couple of hours earlier. The was one of the most casual conversations ns had ever heard. They couldn’t be the two guys who no only had been trade vicious attacks with each other in publicly but likewise had squadrons of lawyers poised in battle versus each various other while they carved up their multimillion-dollar empire. Lock looked like any kind of old pair that friends having actually a satisfied low-key reunion.

The tiny talk continued; climate Paul, like a man possessed, suddenly bounced up and also headed directly for Ringo’s drum kit and began to bash the drums.

“Let’s play!” that exclaimed. Linda instantly headed because that the organ. “Let’s play.” She echoed. They couldn’t be stopped.

John strapped on his guitar and began to play “Midnight Special,” one of the number the Beatles provided to jam on as soon as they first began to document together. Therefore did Jesse Ed Davis and also Danny “Kootch” Kortchmar, when Harry sang along.

Then we had one more visitor, Stevie Wonder, who was also recording in ~ the record Plant.

“Stevie, Paul is here, and we’re going to jam,” John dubbed out.

“Okay,” claimed Stevie. He saw the electric piano.

“Let’s record it,” said John.

“Yeah,” Paul agreed. John unexpectedly became really enthusiastic.

“We require a bass player,” he told the startled producer in the regulate booth the the studio alongside ours. “Paul and I space jammin’ together.”

“I pat bass!” the producer exclaimed. That dashed from his session to join ours.

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“Fung Yee, I want you come play,” man told me. “Grab a tambourine.” I acquired up and joined the musicians

“Let that rip,” said John

That was the an initial time John and also Paul had actually played together since Abbey road in 1969, and it sound wonderful. The team that Lennon and also McCartney had been reunited with remarkable ease. ~ they’d run down the song, man turned to Paul and said “Could you please tell her organist to revolve down the volume? ns can’t hear Mr. Wonder”

John and Paul play it again, and also it sounded also better. They do joyous music with each other that night. That was the just time John and also Paul donate by Stevie Wonder and Harry Nilsson played with each other after the break- up.

I’m supposing that may Pang wrote the over from memory, since what’s on the really tapes is not rather the mainly music a line-up such as this one can be supposed to produce: It’s basically just a drunk, coked-up jam session, yet still a drunk, coked-up jam conference of great historic significance.You deserve to read a transcript in ~ Bootleg Zone. Come be perfect honest, it’s much easier than listening come it!