DE win\" is blowin\" wahmah,An hit\"s blowin\" f\"om de bay;Dey\"s a so\"t o\" mist a-risin\"All erlong de meddah way;Dey ain\"t a hints o\" frostin\"On de groun\" ner in de sky,An\" dey ain\"t no usage in hopin\"Dat de snow\"ll \"mence to fly.It\"s goin\" to be a eco-friendly Christmas,An\" sad de job fu\" me.

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i wish dis was de las\" oneDat evah I need to see.Dey\"s dancin\" in de cabin,Dey\"s spahkin\" by de tree;But dancin\" times an\" spahkin\"Are every done pas\" fur me.Dey\"s feastin\" in de big house,Wid every de windahs broad — Is file de means fu\" peopleTo accomplish de Christmas-tide?

It\"s goin\" to it is in a environment-friendly Christmas,No mattah what friend say.Dey\"s us dat will remembahAn\" grieve de comin\" day.Dey\"s des a bref o\" dampnessA-clingin\" to my cheek;De aih\"s to be dahk an\" heavyAn\" threatenin\" fu\" a week,But no wid indicators o\" wintah,Dough wintah\"d seem therefore deah — De wintah\"s the end o\" season,An\" Christmas night is heah.It\"s goin\" to it is in a environment-friendly Christmas,An\" oh, how sad de day! walk ax de hongry chu\"chya\"d,An\" watch what hit will say.Dey\"s Allen ~ above de hillside,An\" Marfy in de plain;Fu\" Christmas was like springtime,An\" come wid sunlight an\" rain.Dey\"s Ca\"line, John, an\" Susie,Wid just dis one lef\":An\" currently de curse is comin\"Wid killing in access time bref.It\"s goin\" to be a green Christmas — Des hyeah mine words an\" see:Befo\" de summah beckonsDey\"s many\"ll weep wid me.

perhaps Paul to be brooding top top his forthcoming fatality in this poem. It\"s a little bit sad that one of the leader of black emancipation need to fall ago into patois. What a brilliant poem this would have been if he had stayed in ~ his education. Then again, probably his selection of rendering renders it much more heart rending; s powerful.

It\"s goin\" to it is in a eco-friendly Christmas —Des hyeah mine words an\" see: Befo\" de summah beckonsDey\"s many\"ll weep wid me.very great poem. Tony

Nice. Now am gonna prevent fretn bout spelling. The tongue came on a ship v delirious scurvy infested one eyed colonists.

We own the language of cultural slang when we claim it, as Paul Laurence Dunbar cases the stamin of cultural slang in his city \"A Christmas Folksong\", a an effective haunting mourning poem, which needs several readings and research into the background stimulus for the poems writing. Hauntingly wonderful.

I need to read up on Paul Laurence Dunbar. However without understanding his history, this reaches out v its dialect and its sorrow come touch the reader\"s heart. I doubt that I will be reasoning upon this one for some time to come.

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