From Usman and Erika both saying their partners are too controlling to Darcey’s tearful confrontation through Tom, and Williams precise blackmailing Yolanda, this main it’s all around who has the top hand. Let’s acquire into the strength dynamics of these tumultuous couples.

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Should I remain or must I Go?

Usman supposedly leaves Lisa alone in your hotel room as he claims goodbye to his friend that drove lock back. “He’s M.I.A. Appropriate now and also he’s not responding to mine texts,” Lisa tells the camera ~ Usman is gone because that over 30 minutes. “I feel an extremely alone.” Usman eventually returns, and also Lisa chastises him because that being unable to do so long.


“It is not good for me to it is in saying sorry to you morning, afternoon, and also night. You are not a god,” Usman fires back, speak he feels favor he resides in a prison. “If this is how you desire me come be, ns think it’s much better we simply .”

A 2nd Chance in ~ Seduction

Ed revels in his “second chance” with Rosemarie, and also pampers her through a mini spa job in your hotel room. Yet Ed still has not yet had actually his first kiss v Rosemarie. “I haven’t quite gained a temperature on her yet, for this reason I desire to show her just how romantic I deserve to be,” Ed explains.

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He pours a glass that champagne, provides a toast come his “queen,” and also begins to massage Rosemarie’s feet v oil. Rosemarie does no seem together sensually serene as Ed was hoping. He asks to kiss her, and also she agrees an initial just for the forehead and then because that a fast peck ~ above the lips.


“Kissing increased felt like heaven. I’ve dreamt about this night for 3 months,” Ed gushes in a confessional. Well, sky was absolutely short and also sweet, it seems.

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“Stop the Car!”

Geoffrey and Varya fly to Siberia to satisfy Varya’s family. Back Geoffrey was likewise too preoccupied with broadcasting the they “joined the mile high club” to remember to bring a existing for Varya’s mom.


So Geoffrey requests to pull end on the next of the road to choose flowers along the freeway. Varya is worried about her mother accepting Geoffrey, and also says she would certainly “never marry a someone my household does not like.”

Debating Darcey

And finally we’re earlier to the main attraction: Darcey and also Tom’s showdown. The stunning view from the wilhelm Vale in Brooklyn perfect frames their fashionable confrontation, as Darcey flips her hair in annoyance v Tom’s self-described James Bond-like tendencies.

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“I have feelings for she romantically, but we have issues and problems that we have to work out. I hope she can attack the difficulties rather than the person,” Tom tentatively speak the camera.

Tom rather admits that merely texting Darcey wasn’t sufficient for her birthday, and Darcey coldly counters the she just must no fit into his schedule.


“What actually occurred to us?” Tom asks Darcey. She replies the Tom is the one who has been distant, to which Tom says he never wanted come hurt her. Yet Tom admits the he find Darcey self-centered during their conversations, and also that she hasn’t to be there for him.

“I think you’re trying come cover up something. Isn’t there something you need to tell me?” Darcey bluntly says, clearly wondering around his photos through the mystery woman.

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Getting that Off their Chest

Erika surprises Stephanie with a visit come The Studio, a location where they can make molds of each others’ breasts. “I think this is the perfect day for us due to the fact that online Steph presents herself together someone that would love something choose this, other fun and also silly the we deserve to do to type of loosen up,” Erika says to the camera.

Stephanie unfortunately has actually the opposite reaction. “I feel favor this is a really strange idea. Ns don’t know what she’s make the efforts to communicate to me,” Stephanie admits in a confessional.


“Do you like it? Is the a sexy date?” Erika asks Stephanie as she plasters Erika’s chest while still completely clothed. Stephanie just says it was unexpected.

Stephanie eventually also gets her very own mold, however privately says to the camera the she desire it was rather one-on-one and not in a team setting. Plus it would have actually been quite if Erika asked she first.

Another mrs at the event inquires if one of two people of them have thought about moving, and Stephanie states that one of them will have actually to—implying that it would certainly be Erika—if the connection is going come continue.

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“I’m feeling sort of pressured by Steph…and we’re only on day two,” Erika speak the camera, citing that Stephanie’s uncertainty to be intimate more confuses her.

Prank Caller

Yolanda still is trying to paris to England to watch online boyfriend Williams, even after his Instagram account was totally changed. Yolanda’s daughter Karra says that she’s persuaded Williams is catfishing Yolanda, and also the two set out to research Williams’ brand-new name top top Instagram. Karra believes the Williams’ true identification is actually that the a man in Nigeria, potentially part of a student company there.


“It just doesn’t make any kind of sense. Williams is from England. I just need to understand what is walk on,” Yolanda says. She calls the brand-new number the he post in his Instagram bio (why she didn’t think to carry out this previously is even more of a surprise) and also the recipient instantly hangs up.

Don’t Sugarcoat It

Avery and also Ash head come a dry getaway in Australia because that a long weekend. When on the coastline, Ash reassures Avery the his brothers is donate of their relationship, but Avery isn’t convinced. “I feel favor you’re coming at me v a really rehearsed thing,” Avery says, asking Ash particularly not come “sugarcoat” the custody instance with Ash’s kid Taj. “Why can’t you be moral with me around sensitive subjects?”

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Ash responds that he’s worried if he shows indications of potential struggles in their relationship, then Avery will certainly just give up. Yet Ash quiet doesn’t call Avery the truth about Taj.

Shave it Off

Ed and also Rosemarie supposedly were intimate throughout the night, but they both have actually conflicting story the following day. In the morning, Rosemarie refuses to kiss Ed, speak she doesn’t choose his beard. Ed subsequently asks Rosemarie to shave her foot in a fair shave trade.


“I don’t like leg hair. It’s gross,” Ed speak the camera. He boasts lot of times that their night together was “awesome” though.

The couple travels to fulfill Rosemarie’s family, and also Ed has reservations around seeing Rosemarie’s sister Maria after ~ she request him for money. Later, adhering to their come in Rosemarie’s hometown, Ed has second thoughts about staying there. “This is poverty. This is like a 3rd world country,” Ed stresses.

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Come Together

Usman is conflicted end his feelings for Lisa and his goal of relocating to the U.S. “I have actually a wonderful opportunity to walk to the unified States and be an global musician that i dream to be,” Usman speak the camera. “But I’m concerned I’m sacrificing too much to achieve this dream.”


Basically, Usman can’t acquire past Lisa’s “bossiness.” Usman confront Lisa around his comes to if he moves to America and is alone in a international country. “This is simply too much. This trip has actually been really stressful,” Lisa says, citing jet lag and the take trip conditions.

The 2 reconcile and also decide to move forward, regardless of their communication issues.

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Meeting Mother

Geoffrey meets Varya’s mother, and also they all make timeless Siberian food together. Her mommy tells the camera the regardless of how nice Geoffrey might seem, she’s worried about Varya relocating to the U.S. “If you’re end there, ns don’t know when I’ll view you again,” Varya’s mom tells her.

“Your daughter currently lives a five-hour plane flight away from you,” Geoffrey states back, come which Varya’s mom counters the she doesn’t recognize Geoffrey and also is unsure if she can trust him.


Geoffrey speak the camera component of his past: the is one ex-convict and was in prison for handle drugs. Yet we all understand there is tho even more that Geoffrey is hold back. Let’s just speak to it mother’s intuition.

Casual Blackmail

Williams proceeds to ghost Yolanda, but she stays “willing to provide him the benefit of the doubt.”

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“I want to ask that the big question: is that Nigerian?” Yolanda states as she literally texts him “are friend Nigerian…baby?”

A few days later, Yolanda receives an email from a stranger saying the they will release intimate image of her unless she payment them. They additionally threaten to damage her at she home. OK, so this is actual blackmail.


Yolanda insists that the photos room the exact same ones the she had actually sent to Williams, solidifying the he is in fact scamming her. “It’s an extremely frightening that a complete stranger has my an individual pictures,” Yolanda speak the camera. The doesn’t really seem choose a stranger, Yolanda. This is clear Williams.

“This cannot be Williams. He has actually never speak to me in this tone,” Yolanda insists, tho defending him and saying that he must have actually been hacked. This is no some Girl through the Dragon Tattoo mastermind, but Yolanda seems to it is in blinded by love.

Not your Princess

Stephanie treats Erika to a fancy date night, finish with a tiara. Erika despite is tho worried about how Stephanie’s digital personality hasn’t really matched up with her reality.

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“To be ethical I assumed you would be a small bit different yet I’m right here to reassure you that my feelings room really strong,” Erika tells Stephanie.

To respond, Stephanie asks Erika around a dating application on she phone, and wants to recognize if she had actually been with anyone else while they to be talking. Erika says she has been faithful, yet Stephanie still desires to understand why the app is also there then.

“I still have actually one the the date apps because there is a business networking side of that app,” Erika tells her. Stephanie asks if she would certainly be willing to delete the application regardless.


“If girlfriend don’t have confidence in me then just how is this going to work?” Erika admits, saying privately that she think Stephanie doesn’t to trust her and also is going about this in the wrong way.

Erika deletes the in front of Stephanie, and also calls her out for all of sudden making their big romantic date now extremely awkward. “Everything renders you uncomfortable!” Erika says practically through tears. “Buying me presents doesn’t median that you gain to regulate me.”

Stephanie explodes right into tearful mess and also states that their day is over, literally prior to it had actually really begun. “You have the right to seriously f**k off, just go,” Stephanie sputters in ~ Erika. Both are in tears, and an obviously fragile Stephanie tells the camera she just wants to go home.

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Guess Who’s coming to Dinner

Ed meets Rosemarie’s family members over dinner. The asks Rosemarie’s father especially if he’s ok v Ed date Rosemarie provided the fact that he’s one year older 보다 the dad. But Ed is much more concerned with being Rosemarie’s actual “meal ticket” after seeing she home.

Tom the Terrible

Now back to the drama that Darcey and Tom. Darcey states that she knows around his “new girl.”

“The person you are talking about is from 3 weeks ago,” Tom matter-of-factly says.

“So you want to to speak it to my challenge when I already knew?” Darcey chuckles defensively.

“While Darcey and I have actually been safety time apart, I’ve actually met someone,” Tom speak the camera. “She’s referred to as Shannon. 3 weeks ago I remained in Milan for Fashion Week, together was she. We mutual a drink, we shared the night together. I haven’t said Darcey the I’ve met who else because I feel confused around a couple of things.”


Yet Tom to be sure enough of those points to short article photos the him and also Shannon ~ above his Instagram page. In this case, Darcey’s right. He have to have damaged it turn off officially before pursuing Shannon.

“I met someone that loves me the means I wanted to it is in loved,” Tom tells Darcey as her lips quiver. For this reason this wasn’t a one-night stand with Shannon. He tells Darcey that she to be so preoccupied the she didn’t realize the she had Tom “in she hands” and that it’s Darcey’s error he left her.

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“It to be so tough for me to hear to the totality Jesse thing all the time,” Tom understandably tells her. “And I kind of feeling jealous because I great that i loved you the method he did, because your id of love is no me. You had actually it with him, and I love you in a different way. Ns love you like you room my sister.”

Ouch. That is the exact opposite the what any women who has been intimate through someone desires to hear.

“He’s deflecting, he’s gaslighting the case to make himself feel better,” Darcey says in a confessional. Tom asks to continue to be friends and also Darcey says she desires to to walk away totally for a new start.


“I don’t desire anything to perform with you. You room nothing come me ideal now,” Darcey concludes. Organize for applause.

And climate Tom, in a childish attempt at the last word, opts to insult Darcey together she leaves: “Did you placed weight on?”

Tom has officially solidified his standing as among the many hated males in the U.K. This week.

“He’s act a Jesse. He’s doing it to make himself feel better,” Darcey vents as gets into a car. She’s right but one has to ask: why space you seeking out these kind of men?

“No male will ever take benefit of me again,” Darcey claims firmly with tears.

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Next week, Rosemarie’s dad insists on sleeping in the same room together Ed and Rosemarie, while Avery keeps questioning to accomplish Ash’s son, Taj. Plus, we pick up again v David’s quest to uncover Lana, and also Lisa lastly meets Usman’s mother. Erika confronts Stephanie around her control issues, if Geoffrey speak Varya at least component of his criminal history. And, the course, Darcey is in she hotel room, tho crying over whether she’ll it is in alone forever.