The City of Angels is residence to numerous of the most glamorous residences in the people — and also some of the many notorious. Below at hot Property, we frequently put together lists of the many jaw-dropping Malibu mansions or the priciest home sales that the month. This time around, we’re taking a look at few of the most well known residences that are still was standing in the Los Angeles area.

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“If a crime is notorious enough, yes a very real risk that the framework will it is in demolished or altered to maintain the property value and deter sightseers,” stated Kim Cooper, a true-crime historian, secret novelist and L.A. Tourism bus operator. “But as soon as a crime passes far enough into memory, yes sir something quaint and almost sweet around a crime scene.”

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Police tape surrounds the Bundy Drive residence of Nicole Brown Simpson, ex-wife of previous NFL an excellent O.J. Simpson after ~ she supposedly was murdered late Sunday June 12, 1994. The bodies of the 35-year-old woman and also a 26-year-old man--apparent stabbing victims--were discovered shortly after ~ midnight.

Nicole Brown Simpson’s condo

879 S. Bundy Drive, Los Angeles, 90049

This decidedly nondescript condo proceeds to fascinate the public much more than 21 year after Nicole Brown Simpson and also her friend Ron Goldman were brutally murdered just outside its prior door, a crime that her ex-husband, O.J. Simpson, was charged with and also later acquitted of. (A subsequent civil trial uncovered him responsible for their deaths.) though the condo’s address has been readjusted in a feeble effort at disguising that is notoriety, the current hit TV present “The world v. O.J. Simpson” carried yet one more wave the gawkers. Westside genuine estate values being what lock are, the condo’s infamy hasn’t scared buyers away: it went for $525,000 two years ~ the murders and sold again in 2006 because that $1.72 million.


Susan Berman’s rental home

1527 Benedict Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills, 90210

The Benedict Canyon residence where real-estate heritage Robert Durst accused murdered writer and also longtime girlfriend Susan Berman has had actually a challenging time finding long-term residents despite its location in one of L.A."s tonier neighborhoods. The 80-year-old home — featured prominently in the crime-scene photos and also dramatic reenactments in the hit HBO display “The Jinx” — has actually been on and off the sector for years. Its recent asking price to be $1.3 million, through a listing that touted it as a “beautiful completely remodeled 3 bdrm, 2 bath residence w/exquisite upgrades throughout.” with no takers, the went back on the rental market for $5,950 a month.

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Greystone Mansion

905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, 90210

Not lengthy after Ned Doheny — the child of oil baron Edward Doheny — and his household moved into the newly constructed estate, the 36-year-old died under mysterious scenarios in one of its opulent guest bedrooms in 1929, one-half of a murder-suicide through his longtime friend and also secretary. However Ned’s widow and, later, her 2nd husband, continued to live in the home prior to selling the in 1955. They were the last world to occupy the historical mansion, which worked mostly as a filming ar before coming to be a windy park in the 1970s. It remains a popular location for weddings and also Hollywood productions, having recently showed up in “The social Network” and the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” reboot.