Rewind twelve years. December 10th, 2000. Armageddon. There took place one of many entertaining Hell in a cell of every time, the very first (and thus far only) six-man Hell in a cell match. The pitted WWF Champion kurt Angle versus The Rock, stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Rikishi and Triple H.

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There it was seen, one of the most hellacious matches in WWF/E history. We experienced every male bleed. We experienced Austin go through a vehicle window, Rikishi gain chokeslammed turn off the top of the Cell and Triple H get slingshotted into a car. It was half an hour of pure entertainment and unforgettable spots and at the finish of the work we saw Kurt edge retain his title.

In saying that, it need to never happen again.

The WWF in 2000 was jam-packed full of wrestling stars. This match was a means that the human being could see every one of them pitted versus one another at the one time. A time before the removed Chamber was introduced. Every of these males will be room of famers the the company at some allude in time. Steve Austin is already so.


To Hell and also Back: kurt Angle retains the WWF Championship

This feat the a six-men Hell in a Cell should never take place again allow alone be said to be the answer to the upcoming Hell in a cell PPV that will certainly be following on October 28th. V John Cena look at out with an elbow injury previous the upcoming PPV, there are rumours going approximately that lock the agency will against his lack with the second-ever six-man Hell in a Cell.

With the way that this previous week’s raw went down, this said match would much more than most likely see WWE Champion cm Punk take on Kofi Kingston, The Miz, R-Truth, Ryback and Alberto Del Rio.

It doesn’t also compare come the complement that took place in 2000. The disparity between those in 2000 and those in today’s WWE is immense. In between Kurt Angle and also co. They have won thirty-eight world championships and eighty championships in its entirety in the company.

Fast-forward to the argued 2012 version and only Punk, Miz and also Del Rio have actually won human being championships, just a just eight times between them. Overall, this six existing wrestlers have won just thirty-one belts. To even suggest these men shot and replicate what those 6 legends the wrestling created in 2000 is ridiculous. Ns mean, Ryback hasn’t even won a location in the firm yet.

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If the WWE were to reintroduce the six-man Hell in a Cell later on next month, it would certainly well and truly tarnish what Angle, Austin, Rikishi, Rock, Taker and H did in 2000. The was one of the biggest matches in WWF/E history due come its put in order originality.