4th Annual Aspen dental Eldora dirt Derby

On tap July 19: supervisor DIRTcar Big-Block Modifieds full show plus NASCAR practice–> consists of 100-lap big Block Feature

On tap July 20: NASCAR Camping people Truck collection plus Big-Blocks–> includes 150-lap NASCAR Feature and 25-lap big Block Feature

Download a July 19 & 20 Schedule


Coolers: Coolers approximately 14” space permitted. No glass bottles. Ohio Revised code 4301.62 prohibits the carry in or lug out of alcoholic beverages. All coolers will certainly be inspected for compliance to this law.

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Carry-In Items – come ensure the safety and security of all Guests, carry-in items will be inspected before entrance. Bags, backpacks, coolers, purses, etc. Larger than 14″ x 14″ x 14″ will certainly not be permitted into the Speedway in accordance through the Eldora Speedway size requirement. Guests space welcome to lug their very own food and also drink inside the track. Alcohol and also any food or beverage in a glass bottle will not it is in permitted.

Medical: A fully staffed very first Aid station is situated near the middle Gate (Turn 4). Hours of operation will it is in posted.

Golf Carts – Golf Carts are welcome in the Speedway campgrounds, however must accomplish Speedway safety specifications. The Golf cart Permit station will be near the middle Gate (Turn 4). Hrs of procedure will it is in posted. Every Golf Carts will certainly be required to be registered and also must screen an Eldora Speedway 2016 Golf cart Permit. Golf dare parking is outside of the rotate 4 gate. NO Golf Carts are permitted in the key parking lot. STATE LAW: Golf Carts are not allowed on any kind of roadway. ATVs, Gators, Mules, etc are not permitted in the campgrounds.

Parking – Eldora Speedway offers several alternatives for parking at gyeongju events. The key Parking many is situated off the State course 118. The main entrance come the track is located at the prior of this lot. Parking is also accessible north that the Speedway, just external of the rotate 4 admission Gate. On larger scale events, parking is also easily accessible across north Star Ft Loramie Rd in the Northside Camp & Park lot, together well across State route 118 in the Eldora village lot.

Radio – Portable radios and also headsets are allowed in Eldora Speedway. The public attend to system can be heard ~ above FM frequency 87.9.

Seating Update: Seat cushions space permitted. Stadium layout seats may NOT exceed 18 inches in maximum broad in the grandstands or bleachers. High back seats or seats through arms room prohibited. You re welcome be courteous to those approximately you.

Smoking Policy: Smoking in every spectator areas, buildings and also lines for concessions / merchandise / tickets is prohibited every the Ohio department of Health. Designated smoking areas will it is in available.

Below is the Eldora Speedway seating chart, along with information regarding reserved seating forspecial events


MAIN GRANDSTAND (FRONTSTRETCH)Row 1 is the peak row. Sections H, I, J, K & BB contain 24 rows – every others save on computer 28 rows –these are the rows closest come the track.Patio seats space three rows the seats v seat backs in bleacher units that collection above the grandstand(except sections B & D where personal standard-size lawn chairs are needed).The roofline the the extended grandstand extends to row 11.Roof support poles are situated in legroom in between Rows 10 & 11 in the vicinity of: part Athrough J, seats 6 – 7 & 15 – 16; section K, seat 1 – 2 & 10; section AA, seat 6 – 7, 14 – 15& 25 – 26; & section BB, seats 6 – 7 & 14 – 15.Wheelchair accessible seats are situated in Patio seat area of sections B & D.Stadium seats offered in this area might not exceed 18” in broad or 16” in depth.Close PanelNORTH BLEACHERS (TURNS 3 & 4)Row 1 is the bottom heat & closest to track. Heat 15 is the top row.Section NF is non-alcoholic.Stadium seats offered in this area may not exceed 18” in width or 16” in depth.Close PanelNORTH TERRACE (TURNS 3 & 4)Row 1 is the optimal row. Row 5 is the bottom row and closest come track.North Terrace area (Sections NTA, NTB, NTC & NTD) will currently be sold by the individual seat for 2012(no longer sold as Boxes the 4). An individual standard-size lawn chairs required in all seats (except inSection NTA heat 1). No captain’s, director’s, elevated, high-back chairs or stools.Section NTA, row 1 (also well-known as phibìc Terrace wall – NTW) is one row of concrete wall-basedseats/standing room spots v a fence earlier & walkway in front. No lawn chairs permitted.Wheelchair obtainable seats are located in ar NTA, row 2, seat 113 v 139.Close PanelSOUTH BLEACHERS (TURNS 1 & 2)Row 1 is the bottom row. Heat 16 is the top row in part SA – SC & SG – SR. Row 22 is the toprow in Secs SD – SF.Section SA is Non-Alcoholic.Stadium seats provided in this area may not exceed 18” in broad or 16” in depth.Close PanelSOUTH TERRACE (TURNS 1 & 2)Row 1 is the peak row. Row 3 is the bottom row and also closest come track. Rows space separated by GrassHillside areas.Personal standard-size lawn chairs required. No captain’s, director’s, elevated, high-back chairs orstools.Wheelchair easily accessible seats are located in ar ST, row 1, seats 1 with 56.Close PanelGRASS HILLSIDESGENERAL admission GRASS HILLSIDESGrass Hillsides are basic Admission/Festival seating.These locations may only be significant with personal standard-size lawn chairs intended for use and also may only be held/tied together by rope or tape. The usage of blankets, plastic, rocks, ropes, spray paint, stakes, trash cans, etc., to note spaces is prohibited. No digging or shovels.These areas may no be significant until the time designated for the event – anything placed prior will be removed.Close Panel

Tickets for 2016 NASCAR Camping people Trucks

Availability:Tickets obtainable online 24 hours/day up until the begin of the event. Call orders embraced through Monday, July 18th at 5:00 PM. Walk-up sales welcome on race day.

Pit Passes:Pit overcome are marketed in-person only on race week. Minimum age for pit accessibility is 14. No exceptions. Minors 14, 15, 16 or 17 year of period must send a minor Release and Waiver of legal responsibility form signed by parent/legal guardian. If form is no signed in the presence of one Eldora Speedway official, it should be notarized. Kind can be downloaded HERE>

NASCAR Pit Passes:Pit passes because that the NASCAR event are not easily accessible available to the basic public.

basic admission

General join seating is revolve 2 Bleachers (Sections SJ-SR) and grass hillsides in every 4 transforms (bring your own lawn chair).

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scheduled seating

All seats reserved other than Turn 2 Bleachers (Sections SJ-SR) and grass hillsides.