The new-for-2007 Honda public Si Sedan embraces the style and performance that the civic Si Coupe and also marks the very first time the "Si" performance has actually become obtainable in the public Sedan. Similar to the existing civic Si Coupe, the civic Si Sedan serves as one more performance halo because that the civic line-up v a 197-horsepower, 16-valve, DOHC 2.0 liter i-VTEC(R) 4-cylinder engine with an 8,000 rpm redline - every mated to a close-ratio, 6-speed hands-on transmission and a helical-type, minimal slip differential. Auto Stability Assist(TM) (VSA(R)) through Traction regulate is traditional (and also included to the civic Si Coupe together standard tools for 2007).

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The civic Si Sedan showcases the performance potential that the public platform and is designed come carve with twisty roads choose a sports car, acceleration from 0-60 quickly and also still administer the day-to-day practicality the a civic with its legendary quality, refinement and durability. Its exclusive exterior has a low-profile behind spoiler wing, aero cladding and also front and rear Si emblems. Comparable to the public Si Coupe, the public Si Sedan has a sporty internal with deeply bolstered seats, red fabric stitching, red backlit gauges, and also leather-trimmed steering wheel and shift knob.


The public Si Sedan rides top top dark silver- 17-inch cast aluminum alloy wheels (new color for 2007, and also applied to the public Si Coupe) 215/45R17 high-performance tires (summer tires available), and also stops with 11.8-inch ventilated former disc brakes and also 10.2-inch solid rear disc brakes. Suspension tuning is similar to civic Si Coupe through the exact same spring rates and also rear stabilizer bar diameter, v slightly various damper tuning and front stabilizer bar diameter that finest match the sedan’s much longer 106.3-inch wheelbase (+2.0 inches contrasted to the coupe).

The civic Si Sedan’s 2.0-liter, 16-valve, DOHC engine produce 197-horsepower
7800 rpm and also 139 lb-ft. Of torque at 6100 rpm. The civic Si Sedan has unique intake and exhaust tuning the emphasizes the torque of the K20Z3 engine at short RPMs. Standard safety and security equipment includes VSA and also ABS with electronic Brake distribution (EBD). The VSA system provides launch, oversteer and also acceleration-understeer control by modulating engine strength and/or using brake pressure separately to each wheel. VSA have the right to be manually deactivated.


The fully-featured civic Si Sedan interior has a two-tier instrument panel the conveys futuristic design and also quick reference meter positioning, consisting of a rev-limit indicator light and also outside temperature gauge. A animal leather wrapped tilt and telescope steering wheel is standard, together with deeply bolstered sports seats and also the black and red Si interior shade scheme. The 7-speaker 350-watt premium audio device with subwoofer functions Speed-Sensitive Volume control (SVC), MP3/WMA playback capability, auxiliary audio entry jack and XM(R) Satellite Radio (by subscription) for navigation-equipped models. Additional features include a 60/40 split folding behind seat, one-touch power moonroof, ambient console lighting, keyless entrance with protection system, power windows, power locks, a dual trip meter odometer and a maintenance Minder(TM) indicator. The Voice-Activated Honda Satellite-Linked navigation System(TM) is available.

In keeping with Honda’s "Safety for Everyone" initiative, safety systems incorporate Honda’s exclusive advanced Compatibility Engineering(TM) (ACE(TM)) Body structure for intensified frontal crash compatibility. The ACE body Structure boosts frontal collision energy management with a network of fill bearing structures in the front of the vehicle. In addition, the civic provides a lengthy list of traditional safety tools including next curtain airbags, front side airbags through passenger-side Occupant position Detection device (OPDS), active front head restraints, 4-channel anti-lock braking device (ABS) v EBD and VSA v Traction Control. Honda’s commitment to safety and security extends to pedestrians as well as vehicle occupants. To assist reduce pedestrian injuries in the occasion of a collision, the Civic’s hood and also fender areas are designed to deform if contacted through the head of an adult or kid pedestrian.

The all-new 2006 Honda civic attracted a high level of acclaim, including Motor trend magazine’s prestigious 2006 car of the Year award, and also a panel of 49 independent automotive journalists awarded public as the 2006 phibìc American automobile of the Year.

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The 2007 public Si Sedan clues a further evolution of public Si’s 6th generation together the civic Si Coupe - and also will it is in the very first time a public Si is available in two body styles. The public Si very first appeared in 1986 through subsequent civic Si models showing up in 1989, 1992, 1999 and 2002.


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