Willie Mays played his very first Major League game on might 25, 1951, and went 0-for-5 at the plate. He started his career 1-for-25 and also told his manager, "I can"t do it, Mr. Leo. You much better bench me."

Casey Stengel played his first Major League video game on July 27, 1912, and went 4-for-4 in ~ the plate. He commented later on in his life, "I damaged in with four hits and also the authors promptly determined they had seen the new Ty Cobb. It took me only a couple of days to correct that impression."

Both Mays and Stengel would proceed their significant League careers under separate paths of greatness, but each still had actually to show up in that memorable very first Major organization game. Baseball Almanac is enjoyment to current what Cubs broadcaster Steve stone once described as, "His very first Major organization debut."

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"You never forget your very first hit in the significant Leagues. It was in my third at bat. The was kind of a relief. You might start off 0-for-34." - Ralph Kiner

1964 American league Debuts

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Find the end which football player bid taking leave to your field"s of dreams in the American League during the 1964 season together this group of football player made their significant League debut!

Ted Cox made his significant League debut in 1977 through the Boston Red Sox and also over two gamings on September 18 and 19, Cox went six for six prior to he do an out.

Five-for-five debuts? believe it or not it has actually happened twice: on June 30, 1894 Fred Clarke that the Louisville Colonels and on may 16, 1933, Cecil Travis of the Washington Senators do their major League debuts and both go five-for-five in ~ the plate.


Where what occurred yesterday is being preserved today.

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