Value: 1928 $100 gold Certificate value $1,000 in exceptionally Fine condition. Star notes value $12,000 in extremely Fine condition.

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Remember, value depends on condition. Notes without stars aren’t too rare. Some 1,100+ have sold publicly. Star notes are a different matter. Part 12 note are easily accessible to the collecting community. Also a beat up star note would gain collector interest.

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Explain 1928 $100 yellow Certificate Value

Paper Money of the unified States indicates the government issued 3,240,000 notes. That printed much fewer star notes. Each note has actually Woods-Mellon signatures.

You’ll notification the engraving “One hundred Dollars in yellow Payable to the Bearer top top Demand”. Bearers intended specie payment in yellow coin.

Only $100 notes published for the 1928 collection circulated publicly. Note from the collection of 1934 never ever circulated.

Eventually, these notes became obsolete through the passage of 1933 yellow Reserve Act. Everyone possessing these notes was meant to surrender them.

Secretary of the Treasury C. Douglas Dillon legalized both possession and collection of these yellow Certificates on April 24, 1964. Today, they room popular and desirable numismatic collectibles.

United states Gold certificate History

United says Gold certificate History.

Get worth NowSell 1928 $100 BillItemInfo
TypeGold Certificates
Seal VarietiesGold
Signature Varieties1. Woods - Mellon
VarietiesOne: 1. Form Note
Star Notes1 selection with a Star Serial Number.
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Example RarityType Note, signatures Woods - Mellon through Gold seal. Important: Star serial number. Comment: Solid collectible potential. Notes around Uncirculated or much better value come $3250. 2
Other $100 bills No responsibilities Offers and Appraisals

Please submit a an excellent photo or scan. It will be identified and also evaluated. Understand there might be subtle differences between the photo you see over and your note. Signatures, design, markings and also note problem will determine the offer price. Notes in Uncirculated or better condition obtain the ideal offers.

Appraisals can be estimated for wholesale and also retail prices. Everyone is what dealers generally pay. Retail is what a collector could pay. Retail is slightly higher in many cases.

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Please visit this web page for USA document Money Reference. Perform not act this web page as a recommendation guide, the is because that appraisal and also acquisition purposes only.

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